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Photo: Sarah Corrales Says goodbye to 2022 in a tiny blue bikini and switches to a net

actress Sarah Corrales It has been seen in controversy in recent weeks when it has been speculated that it has something to do with the opera Heartthrop, Gabriel Sotowith whom he shares the lead role in the telenovela “My way is to love youHowever, the Colombian did not talk about it, but she has already attracted thousands with her beauty, and confirmed it in a recent post for Say goodbye to 2022 which he boasted of The little blue bikini in which I turned on the net.

According to the entertainment journalist Alex is enoughthe actor will pretend sheds For several weeks, and to show his interest, he sent him various giftsbut so far none of those involved have made statements in this regard, since then Irina Paeva She confirms that she still maintains her commitment to grovewho was previously married Geraldine Bazin.

Sarah Corrales runs the network in a blue bikini

Sarah Maria Corrales Castillo, the real name of the beautiful Colombian-born actress, started her career in her home country and gained fame when she participated in the reality show “Protagonistas de novela”, in which she placed second. Now she is also one of the favorites on social networks, appearing with the number of her fans, because she is in instagram adds 3.2 million followers, while at Facebook It accumulates more than 720 thousand.

Sarah is showing off her amazing body in a cute bikini. Photo: FBSaraCorralesOf

“I’m sharing this remix of my days with my followers: 1. Pekinazo at the end of the year. 2. December pic. 3. Hitting biceps hard to be tight. 4. Light output from aesthetics. 5. A little message of light to my fans. 6. Back hit hard. 7. Meditation rituals and singing mantras. 8. A little love letter to my followers. 9. In Puebla you get a good redhead. 10. Hit my dad hard. Which one do you do I like the best and why I love you bye,” he wrote on Meta platforms to accompany the 10 photos he shared. with his fans.

pleasant She is very active in her official accounts, and confirms this through her recent participation, through which she confirms herself as one of the most beautiful actresses, especially for the first photo, in which she shows off her wonderful body in a blue bikini. , besides that caught the attention of her millions of fans, who filled her with adorable messages with more than 600 comments and 17,000 “likes”.

The Colombian impresses her look at the beach or the pool. Photo: FBSaraCorralesOf

For almost 10 years, the actress has lived in Mexico, but she often travels to Colombia, especially to Medellin, where she has several businesses, one of which is related to real estate. In addition, the beautiful hero worked in soap operas as a singer and dancer and participated in reality shows such as “Look Who’s Dancing”. His other projects include: “El señor de los cielos” as Matilde, “Despertar contigo” and “La doble vida de Estela Carrillo”.

in the way you dress pleasant It is also shown that he likes to try many styles, as evidenced by him tight bikinis With millions of her fans falling in love, the Colombian beauty flaunts everything from the most daring and chic, to trendy and understated designs, as she demonstrated with other photos where she was seen showing off her silhouette in flirty outfits.

The actress captivates her fans with her beauty. Photo: FBSaraCorralesOf

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