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Photo: From the beach, Annette Michele remembers her youth in a white bikini

Photo: From the beach, Annette Michele remembers her youth in a white bikini

She was undoubtedly one of the actresses who had the most influence on Mexican TV Annette Michel, because her professionalism and beauty immediately conquered the masses. But her career didn’t start late, because she knew from the start that she wanted to capture the public’s attention with her biggest passion: modeling. So she ascended, at the age of fourteen, to the ship, which took her in so many directions she had not expected.

Being a star it’s natural to be familiar with social networksWhere they are very active. he is right Instagram She shares parts of her professional and personal life and now she doesn’t hesitate to share two photos of her when she was in her prime. Although he has always looked amazing, that look that has always influenced his followers stands out a lot.

In the main shot, you can also see the driver sitting on her long, graceful legs. Notably, she showed off her body as she was on one of the paradisiacal beaches in Mexico, which could be part of a magazine session from those years. At the time, Annette Michele used a cute white bikini that looked great on her and is still successful today.

Annette Michele looks amazing in a bikini and everyone agreed on it (Image: IG @ cristian_85_b)

The truth behind Annette Michel’s photo

Despite the joy and nostalgia to see a great artist as she is Annette Michel In the portraits of her youth, she intended to show off and glorify the work of a friend with whom she had the pleasure of working: Christian Besson. Unfortunately, the message you posted indicates a certain sadness for her and everyone who knew the professional from photo camera:

“We recently lost @cristian_85_b a photographer, friend and genius of light!! Through your work you will always be here!!
Even always,” wrote the Guadalajara, Jalisco native. As expected, her followers immediately showed themselves with letters full of praise and also condolences to her and to her relatives. Christian.

“What a great memory for this great friend @cristian_85_b, great work, so beautiful, what beautiful pictures, I loved him so much and I’m so sorry, such a wonderful human being, great photographer,” “Sweetest blessings. Successful woman: You are beautiful from Inside and Out” and “You look beautiful as a friend. I’m sorry Christian,” were some of the letters written to her in her space.

(Photo: IGpavelantofoto)

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