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Petro will keep his promise and won't be a candidate again if he loses

Petro will keep his promise and won’t be a candidate again if he loses

Gustav Petro The presidential candidate for the historic pact confirmed in September 2021 that he would withdraw from national politics if he did not arrive at Casa de Nariño next August.The month in which the new head of state takes office.

“My political circle will end, Because I cannot become an eternal candidate. This means that the project has failed. That the agreed-upon exit on basic reforms to live together in peace has failed.”noted at the time.

His son, Nicholas Petro, even stated this in an interview with Vicki per week (more than a year ago) that the leader of the human rights organization in Colombia will step aside if he loses the elections, because, according to him, “the political cycles are coming to an end.”

“These are cycles of life and leadership that, sooner or later, wears out. We have to wait for the results after 2022, but I feel that he considers his cycle to be over and it is time to give space to the new leadership.”he added.

After the controversy in the first round of the presidential elections held on May 29, Cordoba returned to the issue and stated on Radio W, His withdrawal from national politics will depend on the results of June 19, the date of the final elections.

The former mayor of Bogota also took advantage of the moment and indicated that if he was not elected president of Colombia, he would be willing to leave the path open for others so that they can try to bring about the change they are making. much sought for.

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“In every human activity there is a political stance. We are human for that. I will always have a perception and a way of making sense of things. In electoral politics, I think I brought the forces of society to a point where there was a power struggle.”stated at the outset.

Besides, he added at the station that he and his team are scared “People with power and corruption, but as it has happened so many times in history, that was not possible. Then it would be up to other people, to other generations, and to young people.”

The historic charter candidate ran for the presidency three times. The first time he finished fourth (2010), the second lost to Ivan Duque (2018) and this would be his third chance to be president of Colombians.

The latest survey, published by CM&’s National Consulting Center (CNC), showed that Gustavo Petro had a slight dip for the first time and that he would be technically linked with Rodolfo Hernández.

According to the data revealed by the poll, the leader of Human Colombia will receive 39% of the vote in the second round. He also indicated that the engineer would receive 41% of the vote.

This comparison process for the May 29 election result, and the commission’s survey, shows a trend compared to the vote next Sunday, June 19.

In the opinion of some analysts, the former mayor of Bucaramanga has more options for growth, while the historic charter candidate may have reached his ceiling.