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Peruvian national team player caught celebrating Copa America elimination: The statement that caused a scandal

Peruvian national team player caught celebrating Copa America elimination: The statement that caused a scandal

Peruvian footballers went to a dance hall hours after the Peruvian team was eliminated from the Copa America.
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to choose Peru He performed poorly in America’s Cup He exited the group stage with only one point, as a result of a goalless draw with Chile. without scoring goals. After a disappointing performance on the pitch. Two players from the team coached by Jorge Fossati were seen in a nightclub. In a video that went viral hours after the 2-0 defeat to Argentina, it caused a scandal.

In the pictures shown by Peruvian television, the players can be seen. Andre Carrillo And Christian Cueva They are having fun in a nightclub. This situation has generated a series of criticisms from fans. Two-tone. “We don’t know what they’re celebrating, but they’re here. They’re definitely going to destroy our country.”He pointed to the host of the program.

Given the controversy that has arisen, Take (He played only 15 minutes against Canada) He has publicly stated that he enjoys going to clubs and spending time with friends and family. “I love going out to parties. I love it with my wife, When I get the chance to go out, I’ll go out with her.With my friends, with whoever I want. Why do I stop doing the things I love? “If I could do them…” the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah player said in statements to the program Out of orderYour partner. cave He has not commented on this issue yet.

For his part, the team leader, Mr. Paolo GuerreroHe was also consulted about the case that shocked Peruvian fans, and indicated that he had no detailed knowledge of what had happened. “If you ever have to criticize, criticize me. “I will respect every comment, the fan has every power to do that. As a captain I am open to that. What happens after football, I cannot speak because I do not know exactly what happened.” RBB Sports.

Andre Carrillo revealed that he loves to party. Instagram @fueradelsistema_33

“I didn’t see anything, and I have no idea what’s going on.“Yes, I heard comments because I go to Instagram and I see them, but I don’t know what happened. I didn’t see pictures, but comments about what happened. I didn’t talk to him after that, and I don’t know if it’s true or a lie.”

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Peruvian national team under the supervision of the coach Jorge Fossatifailed to advance beyond the group stage, which increased the discontent of the participating players. The elimination was the result of a goalless draw with Chili pepper And defeats against Canada (1-0) and Argentina (2-0), highlighting the team’s ineffectiveness in front of the opponent’s goal.

In addition to the off-field behaviour, the players’ performances during the tournament were questioned. Fossati, who relied on a 3-5-2 formation, He has been criticized for relying on players like Guerrero.Whose movement was limited, and Cueva was included despite his lack of playing minutes in recent months. For his part, Carrillo showed a noticeable lack of strength on the pitch.

Expectations now focus on the team’s preparations for the match. 2026 Qualifierswhich resumes in September, hoping to improve performance and correct the poor performance that has appeared recently. America’s Cup.