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Peru says Nicaragua's election results "deserve to be rejected by the international community."

Peru says Nicaragua’s election results “deserve to be rejected by the international community.”

The government of President Pedro Castillo in Peru, along with the protesters against the election results in Nicaragua, promised that “they deserve the rejection of the international community” because they “violate their credibility, democracy and the rule of law.” .

“It follows with great concern the events leading up to Sunday’s November 7 presidential election in Nicaragua. According to an official statement issued by the Office of the Secretary of State for Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Peru will continue to serve on the Permanent Council of OAS

The Peruvian government immediately stated that it would “continue to serve on the Permanent Council of American States (OAS) formed by the Nicaraguan and Continental Countries to protect the rights of the Nicaraguan people.” To contribute to a peaceful and lasting solution to the Nicaraguan crisis we must hold free, fair and transparent elections in accordance with the American Constitution.

He recalled his support for the resolutions adopted at the OAS “to avoid this serious situation” in Nicaragua, as well as “all joint efforts aimed at re-establishing dialogue and understanding among the people of Nicaragua”.

In these ways, it also demands the “release of candidates and political prisoners and the implementation of agreed electoral reforms.”

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Peru, Norway, Costa Rica, the United States, Spain, Chile, Germany, Panama, Uruguay, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other countries, including the European Union, have declared Nicaragua’s election results illegal. Most agree with the demand for the release of all political prisoners.

On the other hand, the countries that have so far expressed their “congratulations” to the Nicaraguan regime are: Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia, led by some Ordega allies: Nicolas Maduro, Miguel Diaz-Colonel and Luis Ars Cadagora.

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