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Antoliano Peralta aclara qué dijo cuando le preguntaron sobre el caso Donald Guerrero

Peralta explains what he said about the Donald Guerrero case

When the legal counsel of the executive branch, Antonio PeraltaHe was asked about the case brought by the Public Prosecution Office against the former Finance Minister, Donald Guerrero, and emphasized that due process must be respected in this and other justified cases.

In addition, Peralta determined that from Executive power There is an order for officials not to interfere in the affairs of justice, specifically, in the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.

“With this case and with all of them, I advocate respect for due process,” the official told reporters. He added: “I am not saying that it is disrespectful. I am saying that with all issues of justice, in my opinion, and my personal position is that the law must respect the due process of all citizens who are subject to a judicial process.

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Today, the executive counsel reiterated in a tweet that he supports due process respect for all defendants. But he confined himself to a media outlet that “saying that I demand respect for the rights of a particular accused is meaningful.” to treat«.

It is noteworthy that the persecuted authority has opened an operation against Guerrero on charges of corruption crimes during the exercise of his duties as head of the treasury in the administration of Danilo Medina.

On the matter, District Senator Elias Peña said, Evan LawrenceAnd she confirmed that the Director of the Specialized Anti-Administrative Corruption Prosecution (BIPCA), Yeni Bernice Reynoso, “deliberately” leaked information to the media about people who had judicial procedures.

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The Congressman indicated in these terms against Counsel, because of the difference that existed between her and Judge Miriam Germain Prieto, Attorney General of the Republic, regarding the request for a financial file of the former Minister tax authority.

In this sense, Berenice Reynoso has kept the investigations into the former official secret. “He does not want to fulfill the request of Myriam German. Refuses to hand over the file that violates the law. However, it leaks information to the media that would harm the life and dignity of the person being investigated.”