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Pedro Truglio names the competitor he will beat in the Apertura Championship, the reinforcements to come and the Sub-20 rating

Pedro Truglio names the competitor he will beat in the Apertura Championship, the reinforcements to come and the Sub-20 rating


The Olympia Getting ready to quest to raise the Champion crown again the next day Inaugural tournament And for that he will travel on a friendly tour to United State.

meringue technician, Peter TruglioAnd the He’s been a little worried about not being able to rely on his entire squad during these days in North America, where he’ll have six commitments.

“The friendly match phase is coming, but it’s a shame That we can’t take some players because visas are issued, it’s a long tour of more than 20 days and they have to stay here. This is not healthy and those who travel are good for football for the championship.”

He added: “Most of the young and old, for reasons known as: Baz, Nunez, Moya, They cannot travel because they do not have a visa yet. The only young man who does this is Dmitriy and the others do not.”

More club reinforcements

“I’m satisfied with what I have, the only case we actually discussed was the possibility of a left-back and ‘Mango’ Sanchez arriving, but if the club is moving for another possibility, I don’t despair, I’m calm. I’m counting on this campus, but if someone arrives It is welcome.”

About friendly in the United States

“They are friendly matches, but it would be more confusing to take them as friendly matches, I think they are international matches and they should be played as finals. We have to adapt to the international competition and play a big role in front of our people who will come to see us.”

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The team that was found on his return

“I’ve found a team with a team that is much stronger than the four-time champion, we added Bonnick Garcia, Brian Moya, Michele Chirinos who was injured, as well as Nunez, Casildo, Jan Macel, Montes. As a campus being strengthened.”

He also adds: “I’m not saying it’s better because they gave me the tetras and I can’t be grateful to others, but if you analyze the names I give, they strengthen the team I have.”

Prepare the left side

“Josman, we worked on it in the defensive phase because of the doubts we have in the defensive phase and in this round we are going to put it there. Unless they tell me that Messi is there and they want to bring him, there will be no problem,” he jokes.


“I’ve known Mango Sanchez and Juan Pablo for three years, after I competed with them, I know what kind of players they adapted and they adapted to the team. Maciel didn’t see much of him, but I watched the videos and was surprised. He is a player with a great deal of technique and clarity of play, But he will be competing in a place where there are players like Jorge Alvarez and Bonique Garcia, which is a tough competition for a coach.”

About the U-20 National Team

“The election proved the coach was right, he played it and if something went wrong the critics would eat it, but things went well and he qualified for the World Cup. Perhaps the coach felt he was going to play in San Pedro Sula and chose players who are used to this climate. When the technicians do things they don’t. They hurt anyone, but to make things go well.”

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He also highlights: “The boys were surprised, yesterday they passed a game that was complicated and qualified for the World Cup and this is no small matter. I am happy for Honduras, which clearly suits them.”

Motagua, the competition to conquer

“The opponent to beat is always the last champion and in this case Motagua is out, but I wouldn’t say Olympia starts in the background either, Olympia always have to win, Motagua, Real Spain and Marathon, are the obligations and Vida was armed to win. No team is superior to Another and it’s proven that you can, but it’s not easy to become a champion.”


“When I came here, it’s been eight trophies since I won and after we won four they said to me, ‘And with your players,’ but it’s not easy and it turns out not because all the teams they have have been strengthened.”

A change in football in Honduras

“Football in Honduras since I arrived until now, I see it has changed very, very difficult, I hope this is how we can win it.”

Dips made

“The case of Eddie Hernandez, Johnny Leveron, Javier Portillo and those who left, they are players who have given me a lot, but I wasn’t there last semester and there are decisions going back to the last thing that happened. Obviously if I had arrived and they were on campus, they would have been able and they would have gone on. There are decisions that I have to respect, and I am grateful to those players I named because they gave me so much joy.”

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