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Pedro Castillo came to America with Lilia Paredes without naming the head of the MTC |  Politics

Pedro Castillo came to America with Lilia Paredes without naming the head of the MTC | Politics

President He arrived in New York City (USA) yesterday, where he will attend the 77th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. The author traveled with the First Lady He faces a public ministry request to bar him from leaving the country for 36 months.

Paredes is being investigated for criminal organization and conspiracy aggravated by bidding for jobs in the district of Anguia (Chota, Cajamarca).

The special committee against corruption of the authority, led by the high prosecutor Marita Barretto, considers the wife of Castillo Terones as the coordinator of a network of corruption in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation and dedicated to irregular public distribution. works

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On September 5, Judge Raul Justiniano suspended the hearing, where he was going to evaluate whether or not to order Paredes and others to be barred from leaving the country, challenged by the legal defense of Anguya’s detained mayor, Jose Medita. As of the end of this edition, there is no date for reopening the trial.

According to sources, from the Ministry of Public Affairs TradeParedes’ journey has been approached with concern and hope that the judiciary will be able to resolve his claim soon.

“That concern is justified. They are [Castillo y Paredes] They seek to undermine justice in every way they can. This is one more”, Jorge Montoya, spokesman for Renovación Popular, commented to this newspaper. He recalled that Paredes promised to hand over his passport but did not comply.

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Benji Espinoza, the president’s lawyer and first lady, noted that his client had “no court order” preventing him from leaving Peru.

Culture Minister Alejandro Salas said in this regard Trade Returning to the country in the coming days, Paredes will prove he has the “calmness” to respond when summoned to justice. He added that the executive did not appreciate that he was not accompanying the head of state on the trip “because he had no restrictions.”

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MDC is without a minister

On the other hand, the day before, the administration officially announced the resignation of Keener Alvarado as Minister of Transportation and Communications after Congress censured him from office on Thursday.

Alvarado is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office for alleged irregularities in the bidding for jobs in Anguia.

Sources in the government palace indicate that Castillo may return to Lima on Wednesday, September 21, after delivering his speech at the UN. On that day or on Thursday, he will appoint the new chairman of the MTC.

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The official delegation includes Foreign Minister Cesar Landa and ministers Curt Burnio (Economy and Finance), Roberto Sánchez (Tourism and Foreign Trade), and Rosendo Cerna (Education).