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Pedrito Sola criticizes Mirca Delanos' daughter for her bikini photos: 'She was made by force'

Pedrito Sola criticizes Mirca Delanos’ daughter for her bikini photos: ‘She was made by force’

Pedro alone It was once again positioned as a target of controversy after its powerful release physicist criticism Alexa Delanos, daughter Actress Mirka Delanos, After the young woman shared on her social networks suggestive pictures of bikini She is proud of her wonderful personality.

And before the end of the broadcast on Tuesday, June 28.”windowsVeronica del Castillo’s character was praised by the hosts and then criticized Alexa Delanoswho shared the photos in a subdued black bikini with revealing slits on her chest and lower body.

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Alexa Delano Bikini. Photo: Instagram @alexadellanos

“It looks like a bloated dollSorry for the expression,” Patti Chaboye started with a laugh when she talked about influential And theories immediately arose about the alleged surgeries he underwent, such as A fat sculpting According to Monica Castaneda.

“Appear made by force “The nal** isn’t normal, those breasts aren’t normal,” said Pedrito Sola, adding that Alexa Delano’s waist and hips are “very noticeable.”

Who is Alexa Delano?

She is the daughter of host and journalist Myrka Dellanos, a celebrity influencer who shares travel, lifestyle, fashion and makeup content. She has over 9 million followers on Instagram, where she shares details of her enchanting trips to the beach and other destinations outside of Mexico.

Alexa Carolina Delanos, as her full name, was born in the United States and lives in Miami. This is not the first time he has received criticism for his personality, however, he has decided to put it aside as he underwent more plastic surgeries to alter his physique.

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Her most recent relationship was with artist Alec Andon, better known as Alec Monopoly, with whom she takes constant trips surrounded by luxury while showing off her character in expensive and exclusive outfits perfect for summer days at the beach.

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