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PCOS: With the help of reproductive medicine, you can be a mother

PCOS: With the help of reproductive medicine, you can be a mother

Although little is said about this topic, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) usually affects a large number of women. This condition is caused by the increased production of androgens in the ovaries. Androgens are the hormones that produce male secondary sexual characteristics. All women’s ovaries produce androgens, but in PCOS patients these androgens are produced at an increased rate.

For this reason, it causes PCOS Menstrual disturbancesSuch as the absence of menstruation (menopause). Although women with this syndrome have a large ovarian reserve, in most cases ovulation does not develop cyclically, and this is one of the factors that allow the diagnosis to be found.


Similarly, this condition is associated Metabolic problemsSuch as resistance to the hormone insulin, which can cause cardiovascular problems and diabetes in the long term.

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Aside from irregular menstruation and the health problems it can cause, PCOS is too It creates difficulties when searching for pregnancyBecause this hormonal change results in a failure to ovulate. However, what you need to know is that reproductive medicine allows you to get pregnant despite this gynecological condition. The dream of becoming a mother should not be affected despite the particular circumstances and turmoil.

How to treat PCOS

For patients not seeking pregnancy, treatment focuses on regulating cycles, lowering androgens, and improving insulin resistance. With proper medications and healthy habits; Like eating a varied diet, being physically active and maintaining an appropriate weight, the picture can be controlled.

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As for women seeking to become mothers, it is essential to know that they have to undergo fertility treatment in order to stimulate ovulation. “They are controlled stimuli, with adequate medication and ultrasound monitoring, to make sure they are adequate: neither excessive nor deficient. All patients with this condition can ovulate with the appropriate treatment that we reproductive specialists institute. Only by solving the ovulation problem, you It can be enough to achieve pregnancy, but if the patient has other factors for infertility, she may need to do in vitro fertilization, but the first and most important thing is to overcome this failure of ovulation, which is the characteristic that patients fundamentally change with this condition.” Lucas AlmunoSpecialist in gynecology, fertility and endocrinology.

When searching for pregnancy in PCOS patients Planning is essential To treat changes, prevent problems and achieve normal development. Having secure information when starting treatment will allow the patient to feel confident and prepared for all stages of the process.

“Patients who prepare themselves in advance, improve their eating habits, engage in physical activity and take appropriate medications, do well during pregnancy. Those who do not prepare themselves in advance may have some disadvantages during pregnancy (gestational diabetes, for example). For this reason, it is important Carry out a proper diagnosis with a specialist in the subject and also a comprehensive treatment before researching, ”closes Almoño.