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Parents can get free gas at these two local stations in Dallas and Fort Worth | Navigation 23 Dallas Fort Worth KUVN

The Gasoline prices It continues to increase, but at least father’s dayParents in North Texas can get some rest with a gallon of free petrol which they will be able to obtain at two local stations.

The initiative North Texas Honda Dealers Announced that parents will be able to get free petrol on Friday, June 17 and 19.

They are not asked for any requirements, they are only encouraged to pose for a photo with employees at the gas pumps, the North Texas Honda Press Department confirmed.

As of Friday afternoon, they pumped 1,600 gallons, which is the equivalent of $6,600 of gasoline.

Sites with free gas are:

^ Valero in Fort Worth
⏰ Hours of Operation: Friday, June 17, from 11 am to 12 pm
📍 Location: 10880 North Beach Street.

^ Valero Fresco
⏰ Hours of Operation: Sunday, June 19, from 11 am to 12 pm
📍 Location: 3272 Parkwood Blvd.

How do we conserve gasoline in the face of rising prices?

If you’re not the father of a family and you’re looking to save on fuel at this time of historically high prices, we have some recommendations for you to save on gasoline.

Economist Carlos Guaman recommends downloading apps like Gasbuddy to monitor which stations sell the cheapest petrol.

Another tip is to tilt the gas tank pump when you’re done shopping so the rest will flow completely. This will ensure that not a single drop is left in the fuel hose.

You can also do this to save gas: