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Palmerola will open with the main works still in the construction phase

Palmerola will open with the main works still in the construction phase

Tegucigalpa. This Friday, October 15, Government with the merchant Palmerola International Airports (Moreover) to open the capital’s new commercial air terminal, but flights will start until November.

The airport, which consists of seven sleeves, will begin operations without a control tower, and without a cargo terminal as business continues. Construction.

Marvin Melgar, an expert in concessions and was part of the construction of the project, explained that it is true that the airport is not quite on the same level as the neighboring terminals. He argued, however, that it is a growing station, as airline agencies pay high life insurance rates when working at them TonContin, which is listed as the second airport The most dangerous in the world.

The projection is a gradual growth in the next nine years will allow to exceed 300,000 international passengers to nearly a million a year. Given this annual demand, it will be necessary to triple the level of sleeves, that is, increase it to 21 and use the commercial and service area by one hundred percent, the expert predicted.

While it is true international airport Palmerola, employment comayagua, will be born as one of the smallest stations in Central America, in the next nine years, it is planned to triple its number sleeves.

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