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Palasiet celebrates Wellness Days to raise awareness of integrative medicine

Palasiet celebrates Wellness Days to raise awareness of integrative medicine

Castillo. More than fifty years ago Palacet Thalasso Hotel & Clinic Help his guests lead a healthier life. The Palasiet philosophy asserts that this requires nothing but personal commitment, assistance and inspiration in order to attain greater physical and emotional well-being.

Continuing the work started by Dr. Joaquin Farnosfounder of the Palasiet Thalasso-Clínica y, and the pioneer of thalassotherapy in Spain, and as a complement to the well-being with which their children expand and develop in the facilities and services of the Palasiet, are organizing this year the first Palasiet Well – Days of Existence that will take place on 6, 11, 20 and 8 June at Bani Qasim.

Palasiet Wellness Days are free upon reservation and aim to create physical, mental and emotional awareness among the participants about the importance of integrative medicine in our daily lives, both for overcoming any disease or specifically physical problem, for the proper functioning of people’s physical and psychological activity. To access the conversations, it is necessary to reserve assistance by e-mail: [email protected]


All talks will take place between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM. They will be taught by various personalities from the world of health, nutrition and people’s emotional and physical well-being. On Palasiet’s First Wellness Days, the opening talk will be on Friday, May 6 with Pedro Garcia Aguado; Chef Raul Ricino He will visit us on Wednesday, May 11th. For the third, which will be a tribute to Dr. Farnos, founder of Palasiet, we will have Dr. BorghinoFinally, on Wednesday, June 8, Dr. Alfonso del Corral.

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Today, Palasiet is the oldest thalassotherapy center in Spain and one of the finest in Europe for this type of health tourism. Palasiet consists of five pillars of the Palasiet philosophy: thalassotherapy, nutrition, physical activity, specialized medical treatments and emotional balance.

Dr. Joaquin Farnus Gauci proposed the Pallassett philosophy, which is the hallmark of the Benicassim Thalasso Clinic, in which the use of sea water under the supervision of medical professionals, the combined use of healthy nutrition, physical activity, emotional balance and the latest medical technology has given birth to a unique model in Europe.

“The goal is not to live longer, but to live with greater physical, mental and spiritual well-being,” Joaquín Farnos (1934-2021).