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Pablo Lavalin will arrive in Honduras in two weeks and Juan Carlos Espinosa will officiate his first Olympia match in Clausura.

Pablo Lavalin will arrive in Honduras in two weeks and Juan Carlos Espinosa will officiate his first Olympia match in Clausura.


Argentine coach Pablo Lavalin Who was officially appointed Saturday as the new captain of Olimpia, will take some time to arrive in the country as he resolves some documentation issues to settle in the country and control the four-time champion’s destinations.

olympic director, Humberto Garcia, he said that the first match in Clausura, where the lion will display his crown against Real Sociedad, will be directed by Juan Carlos Espenza, the coach who was working on forming the team this pre-season, as Lavalin will arrive in the country, perhaps until the third week of January.

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“What determines Lavalin’s arrival is that he completes some documents for the move to Honduras and everything related to air travel. It is very difficult for him to arrive this week. For Saturday’s match, it is very likely that Juan Carlos Espinoza will lead it and hopefully he will arrive next weekend with his assistants to get to know him.” The team and control, but we will wait for the airline tickets to Garcia told HRN Radio.

The White Fund leadership made it clear that the decision to appoint Lavalin to replace Pedro Truglio was due in large part to the economic issue, as well as the knowledge he had of managing the group and training talent that he forged at River. painting.

“There are three elements that influence the decision, but not conceal it, one of which is the economic, financial conditions; the second is the business secret, the references. Olympia has three pillars: maintaining competitiveness in the national championship, competitiveness in CONCACAF, and third, training the players to contribute to the National teams and their overseas status.Based on these three pillars, these profiles are researched on how they work, if they do it with core strengths, competitive tournaments.Pablo hasn’t won titles, but he has worked in River Plate’s core strengths, and he’s made a huge stride across Colon de Santa Fe led him to the final of an international championship (Copa Sudamericana 2019) and the third is how he works and learns. “Lavalin’s profile is compatible, as well as his willingness to come to Honduras,” said Humberto Garcia.

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At the moment, Olympia is working in full force under coach Juan Carlos Espinosa. On the topic of reinforcements, Coach Lavalin would be the one to finish if he needed to. One of them is midfielder Brian Moya who is already training with the club.