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Oscar del Portal is upset with Carlos Zambrano for playing this dangerous game with Chucky Lozano Video |  Sports

Oscar del Portal is upset with Carlos Zambrano for playing this dangerous game with Chucky Lozano Video | Sports

deviate with . He was relentless in his criticism of The Peruvian national team defender, who entered the second half against Mexico national team Who entered the second half and left his arm in the face Chucky Lozano And you can get the parcel.

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Zambrano has several of those, hopefully that will happen again in the playoffs. With all the love Zambrano has for him, he can’t get in that way, this referee gave him a yellow card, and what’s worse, he can get a red card’, he said upon seeing the repeat of the defender’s play in the match summary

The former football player was angry at this action by a player Boca Juniors. “Until when will this happen? It’s better to tell him in a friendly than in a play-off, it could cost him a match. You cannot play to the full. That play is an expulsion, so he has to know his limits and play with them and not expose himself in this way.“, He said.

Oscar del Portal slams Carlos Zambrano for the move (Video: AméricaTV)

“I like that he plays hard, but not with his arm up”

Oscar del PortalDespite the criticism leveled against him, he indicated that he loves her when ‘Lion’ Enter with a strong leg. “yes Nestor Pitana An arbitrator, nothing happens, but if the arbitrator is done by another arbitrator, a Bolivian or a Chilean, he will not fire you, of course he will. It’s one thing to play hard with the ball, and what’s more, I like him to go with the ball, but with his arm up and face level,‘, repeat.

The caller also expressed concern about Juan Reynoso’s debut.I didn’t see Peru attacking and that’s what worries me, not just for Reynoso, because he’s already had several matches.. Some may want to show their stuff and you don’t have such easy. There are some yes, and some not so much. Advíncula was the best, but he didn’t attack, how many times did he meet with Carrillo to surprise the opponent, nothing“, Hoot.

Oscar del Portal warns there is a pattern of error in Marcos Lopez

Also condemned the neglect Mark Lopez Resulting in a goal Mexico. “Calins and Tapia bother, but Marcos Lopez doesn’t with Lozano. Be careful with Lopez, who comes in the Copa America with Colombia on the field and Yoshimar Jotun scores and also goes Lopez and his move is incorrect, because instead of widening, he goes two for one and these distractions should not be in the playoffs“, is over.

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When will the Peruvian national team play again?

Peru He’s going to take revenge on him and he will get it this Tuesday by saviorIn his second match, FIFA. Juan Reynoso announced to the press that the team he will be attending against Central America will undergo some changes regarding the eleven he made against Mexico in Los Angeles, California. The ‘red whiteIt will crash this Tuesday, September 27, from 7 p.m. (Peruvian time), at Audi Field, in Washington, D.C. from the Movistar Deportes and Latina signal.

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