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Oral speech: Diego Vecchio and the thread that unites the sciences of magic with writing

Oral speech: Diego Vecchio and the thread that unites the sciences of magic with writing

Maria Sonia Kristof and Diego Vecchio

Lately, I’ve been wondering what aspects of writing we don’t talk about in classes specifically the ones that teach writing classes from us. One, undoubtedly, is the one that has a relationship What lies behind the so-called panic of the blank page, with its hitches and hindrances. The other is the mystery that lies in the practice of writing, in the kind of entering into a trance and without, he said. Richard BigliaThere is no writing, just writing.

We are not talking about the first aspect, I suppose, because it seems to us that to investigate psychological meanders there are healthier practices such as psychoanalysis, or gardening, or whatever each person chooses; From the second, we don’t speak Because it frustrates us. Yet there, in that abyss, he goes through the discomfort of trying to define the indefinable, defying that adage that recommends not interfering with certain gifts so as not to risk losing them, drowning Diego Vecchio in devil telepathyan essay full of courage, brilliant hypotheses, and accurate, unmissable stories that its author describes as “theoretical fiction”.

At the beginning of the book there is a narrator who becomes obsessed with the work of Mario Livero, and not with all his works, not even with the most famous of them, but nonetheless Telepathy Handbook who – which Livero It was published in 1980 as ghost writer by Miguel Torre A priest turned into a parapsychologist, President in Uruguay of the Latin American Center for Parapsychology, which was in turn founded in 1971 by Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo, a priest sent to Brazil by the Society of Jesus who ended up writing volumes on the occult powers of the mind, supernatural cures, and witchcraft. and even participating in the “Hello Susana” program as a fraud detection medium.

"devil telepathy"by Diego Vecchio
“The Telepathic Devil” by Diego Vecchio

Such is his obsession with this book, says this narrator-researcher, that he cannot find a way to stop the system of interpretation that his mind sets from the warning signs that he himself. Livero Integrates into your manualthen where the sign says things like “We remember the comfort in determining the doses of this reading” or “We suggest a new reading break and a change in activity,” reads “Keep reading parapsychology” or “It is necessary not to be distracted and to continue reading parapsychology”. Taking into account that devil telepathy It mainly talks about the experience of writing, and it is not difficult to conclude the assumption that at the beginning of every writing there is an unstoppable voracious reading.

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When this stunned narrator reaches the end manualwhen everything seems to indicate that he will return to calm, he encounters an appendix in which there are lists of all the books on parapsychology, esotericism and astrology that Livero He cites as sources and there is his complete and final immersion.

We, the readers, celebrate it because. Thanks to him tracing and reading all those books, we come to know that series of extraordinary characters and subtle stories I mentioned before, among them also, but not limited to, in addition to the example of the lost priests, a case of mediocre literature in collaboration starring a doctor and a scholar In psychic phenomenology Theodore Flournoy and Helen Smith, a shop clerk in Geneva who is also a medium with an excess of imagination, tells him, during four years of research, in a state of sleepwalking, imaginative stories by which she managed to recover the voice of a fifth century Hindu prince, or the voice of Marie Antoinette, or the voice of a traveler to Mars talking with the locals and learning their native languages, because it turns out that Intervention of foreign languages is one of the most impressive pieces of that experience, so much so that to try to explain it, Flornoy consults Ferdinand de SaussureShe then held the position of Head of the Department of Indo-European Languages ​​at the University of Geneva.

Mario Livero
Mario Livero

This is not the place to expand with those stories, I know, I’m just adding that devil telepathy Unfolding many other things, all delicious, not to be missed, and what’s more, I can assure you that, If someone lacks imagination, here’s a generous collection of the most inspiring statuses.

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The narrator-investigator path follows these cases, counters hypotheses, limits fields, and delves into the epistemological controversies it establishes. Theories of occultism and occultism with Freud’s theorywhich he clearly knows well, as well as getting into disputes Freud With his disciples, above all, he dwells on the manifestations which all these theories contain in the whole work of Livero, not only in what was traditionally considered his esoteric cycle. The tour is comprehensive, so much so that devil telepathyin its hybridization, it also admits to be read as a critical essay on the work of Livero.

As for the line I’m emphasizing here instead, the one about daring to deal with the secret of writing, and parse it luminous novelbecause it is clear that there Livero, although in a different direction, he also tries to speak of what cannot be spoken of; It is also the defining moment when Old Analysis of the topic of nouns in Liverowho split into Jorge Farletta, whose name is originally more common, let’s say, to sign fotonovelas, comic strips and funny texts; And at the most hidden Mario Livero To sign more of his literary works.

In this exposure, in this separation, it is based on Old To impose his spectral conception of literature, that practice of a cleaved person, who deviates from his daily self to allow his unconscious mind to speak, or to copy the messages dictated by another psyche, which in turn transmits another psyche to a medium, according to different times and fashions, may be called inspirational Or a genie, or a ghost, or a spirit, or a ghost, or a disguised soul, or a telepathic demon.

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He says without the intervention of the devil telepathy Old Translation in his spectral concept of literature phrase Biglia I conveyed at the outset, the writer is nothing more than a typewriter, faithful to technology, a danger this book undoubtedly helps to avoid by invoking telepathy and our invitation to allow ourselves to win this other name of ecstasy: Enthusiasm.

* Next week continues the series of recommendations from from mouth to mouth.

♦ Born in Buenos Aires in 1969.

Narrator, essayist and translator.

♦ Posted History of calamitatum (2000), Pesticides: Macedonio Fernandez and self-liquidation(2003), microbes (2006) and bear (2010).

♦ Since 1992 lives in Paris.

At the University of Paris 8, he teaches literature and literary creativity in Latin America.