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Opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo

In solitude accompanied by the whole world, a solemn and technological ceremony marked the beginning of the Olympic Games without ever forgetting the situation the whole world is in.

the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has begun. A year later than planned, still in the midst of a pandemic turning the world upside down, with empty stadiums, but with so much dedication, commitment and excitement by the athletes and the illusion of the whole world, opening ceremony celebrated in Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

This year’s gala will see the world’s best athletes parade in an empty arena.

Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee Celebrations Executive Producer, Takayuki HyukiHe explained that the hardest part of postponing the opening of the Olympics for a year was having to The ceremony was simplified and the message they sought to deliver was reviewed again (When everything was ready last year!).

After nearly five years of planning, we suddenly had to rethink everything. “This was the biggest challenge,” he told international media.

Japanese singer Misya sang Japan’s national anthem, called “Kimi Ga Yu”, during the celebration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

although The traditional presentation of the athletes who will represent the 206 participating delegations, which will have a wonderful novelty two flag bearers for each country, man and woman, the ceremony is being held for the first time in history without an audience. (With information from Animal MX).

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