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open! Reasons why this Chivas player was erased by Veljko Paunović

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The Serb has forgotten one of Guadalajara’s standout players in 2022 and it will be for that reason.

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the Fernando Hierro and Veljko Paunović arrive They brought with them a series of changes in the structure and modus operandi within Chivas, implementing new methodologies; However, this Monday is the reason for it The Herd coach did not think of one of his players for a minute.

Since the Serb arrived at the Guadalajara club It was clarified that only demonstrations on the field of play would not be analyzedbut also other conditions such as mental, commitment and even physical exhaustion, at leastSome Guadalajara players just didn’t make it to be considered by Europeans.

One of the hottest players in 2022 and he is now Paunović does not consider him to be defender Luis Olivaswhich was not even considered for the calls in Clausura 2023, revealed by José María Garrido, caller of Marca Claro,The main reason behind combing nayarit citizen.

vote Should Luis Olivas return to the starting line-up?

Should Luis Olivas return to the starting line-up?

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Luis Olivas, who made it to the Mexican national team last year, is now very drunk. They say that the boy was distracted by completely non-football matters, I don’t know more, they haven’t specified what they mean by this kind of distraction or what he intends to do or what keeps him competitively low. sBut the truth is, neither Oliva nor the bank arrivedHe explained on his YouTube channel.

When will Chivas play against FC Juarez?

The setback the Guadalajara side suffered at home to Toluca must quickly fall behind, as it must start preparing for its next commitment, until It will be in Ciudad Juarez against the Braves, The duel that will be played next Saturday, January 28th at 9:10 p.mMexico Central Time.

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