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one less!  Christian Nodal covers Belinda's face tattoo |  Pictures

one less! Christian Nodal covers Belinda’s face tattoo | Pictures

Christian Nodal He keeps giving something to talk about as he tries to erase all traces of his relationship with him BelindaIt is he who traveled to the singer Costa Rica to cover one tattoo Which he did on his face in honor of the singer, showing the process and the result on social networks.

The Translator of “bottle after bottle” He shared on his Instagram account with his more than 8 million followers his “face as a tattoo artist”, although they soon noticed that he had already done cover up tattoos It was near his left eyebrow with the word “The virtuous cityAccompanied by a heart.

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This design was supposed to be chosen by the Mexican regional singer of Album “Utopia” It was released in 2016 in which Belinda was a huge hit, although that’s a fan theory because neither of them revealed The true meaning.

Christian Nodal covers another Belinda tattoo. Photo: Instagram @christian.samsara

Instead, Christian Nodal chose to put a file Hawaii flower It has a strong meaning related to his projects and personal life after his adventure. This flower symbolizes perfection and new opportunities that come after spring.

christian nodal tattoos

The 23-year-old singer announced last February that The end of his engagement to Belinda And although there were doubts on the part of the fans, the break was confirmed during one of their concerts because the first tattoos made in honor of the singer were already covered.

It’s about who was next to his ear with the word “Beli”, instead you can now see the classic poker card shapes. Some fans indicated that it would be a message to the singer indicating that she played with him, although Nodal declined to make further statements.

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The first tattoo covered by Christian Nodal. Photo: Instagram @belindapop

One of the most impressive was the one that was made on Christian Nodal’s chest, because in addition to the dimensions were Belinda’s eyes. Instead, he revealed that he had wings to cover him, but in order to complete it, he made an extravagant determination that he did not show.

There is still a tattoo to erase, it’s a file heart with bow On the left hand that matches another person Belinda has on the right with a heart and the number four, it symbolizes the first four months of their relationship.

Nodal and Belinda couple tattoos. Photo: Instagram @belindapop

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