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One in four permanent job openings in the new Family Medicine competition corresponds to the province of Lyon

One in four permanent job openings in the new Family Medicine competition corresponds to the province of Lyon

Family physician in the community.

The 710 doctors who passed the 2019 exam can now choose their destination


The 710 applicants who have passed the 2019 selection process for permanent legal staff status, in the category of Specialist Bachelor in Family and Community Medicine in the Health Service of Castilla y León, can choose one of the vacancies marked. Ministry of Health.

There is one in four permanent positions for the opposition in the province of Lyon. Specifically, they seek to cover 149 vacancies in health centres, divided between 89 of the Primary Care Administration in Lyon and 60 in Bierzo. They are followed by the number, cent from the province of Burgos, 95 from Salamanca, 90 from Valladolid (58 from the eastern region and 32 from the western region), 85 from the Zamora region and 59 from Valencia. The list is completed with 53 places in Avila, 50 in Segovia and 29 in the province of Soria.

Vacancies by province

The order of the Ministry of Health, published today in the Official Gazette of Castilla and Leon (Boussell) and compiled by the agency Ical, considers a total of 71 vacancies for disability rotation and the rest is free. Of the total 710 jobs, there are 401 jobs that correspond to those of a district doctor, which will be allocated to a health district rather than a health center. They are specialists, for the most part, performing the functions of continuing care, but also as an alternative, depending on the needs of each health center. The rest, 309 vacancies, are for the team, so they will be in a consultation at a health center.

Valladolid, with 77 vacancies, is the community district with the most vacancies, followed by Salamanca, with 61, then Burgos, with 56. It is followed by Zamora and Leon, with 45 in each case, Valencia (39), Avila (31) Syria (25) and Segovia (22).


The opposition to Family Medicine, corresponding to 2019, is added to the opposition of 2018, which has already been resolved with the granting of 302 vacancies. In addition, a new operation is expected to be called up in the coming months, with another 130 seats.

Successful bidders have a period of fifteen working days, calculated from the day following the publication of the order in the Official Gazette of Castilla and León, to submit the necessary supporting documents in order to be able to obtain the position chosen.

The order publishes the list of approved students taking into account the total scores obtained by the applicants in the opposition phase and in the competition phase (including professional experience as well as training, teaching and research). In this sense, vacancies will be awarded to applicants who have passed the selection process in order of result.

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