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Onam established the Institute of Health Sciences

Onam established the Institute of Health Sciences

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 | 1:30 p.m.

The National University of Misiones (ONAM) has recently established the Misiones Institute of Health Sciences. By Resolution No. 528/22, the members of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Exact Chemical and Natural Sciences unanimously approved the new center, whose tasks mainly include training of human resources in the field of research, improvement of professional practice, services and technical assistance to society and public and private organizations.

It is a historical and important fact in Mision and the region. It corresponds to a constant demand and desire of trade union organizations, professional associations, technicians and students of the health professions in our region.

Along these lines, he insisted on the concept: “It is an appropriate and transcendental response to bring together health sciences technologists and professionals in order to enhance and manage research, development and extension, optimizing resources and strengthening the objectives of institutions, groups and individuals committed to health, disease and care processes in Misiones communities and the region.”

“The institute will operate in the field of pharmacology and biochemistry, next to the Health Park in Posadas,” explained Deschuter. “It is affiliated to the Faculty of Exact Sciences of UNAM and its first powers will be appointed by the Dean, Dardo Marti, who has promoted this project as administrative commitments in response to the demands of the university community, health professionals and technicians.” .

After being consulted regarding the start date of the activities, he said, “It is possible that once the dean is appointed, the activities described in the institute’s activity planning project for the years 2022 and 2023 will begin.”

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Homes of study have institutions of this magnitude. The National University of the North-East (Unne), for example, has the Institute of Regional Medicine in whose orbit important research projects are being developed.

Currently, in the Health Park and also in the adjacent properties of the National University of Misiones, investments are made in infrastructure and equipment that require the availability and training of qualified human resources. Among the objectives of the recently established institute is to increase and link in an organized manner the training of human resources and the provision of services to the health system to improve the quality of life of the population.

“FCEQyN’s policy is to meet the demands of society, especially health and its determinants, as a fundamental right and a field to seek equity and equitable access to care with a broad, democratic approach open to discussion and receiving contributions from various sectors of society.

“Nearly 50 years after the establishment of Onam University, the Faculty of Exact Sciences in particular has shown a constant commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of health, including the search for meeting the demands of populations and societies,” he stressed. Teacher and researcher.

He continued: “In this way, the Faculty of Exact Sciences in Mision was the first field of progress in promoting and supporting research and development projects and initiatives in the field of health, in the approach to diseases prevalent in the region, in creating social and health-related graduate jobs and in implementing health extension projects targeting the community.” “.

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