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On the way to #Mondiacult2022, welfare models are analyzed

On the way to #Mondiacult2022, welfare models are analyzed

Mexico on August 21 – Entitled “Towards a Social Welfare Model”, a new session of the Chapultepec Conferences was held on the occasion of the World Conference on Cultural Policies (#Mondiacult) 2022.

# Nada_photo 2022 It was held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is jointly organized with Mexico. This meeting will take place from 28-30 September in Mexico City.

Presentation by the Mayor of Iztapalaba, Mexico City, Clara Brugada Molinapart of international conferences, forums and meetings to integrate the different voices that enhance the debate.

The General Director of the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, Homero Fernandez Pedroza, said that the Mondiacult 2022 will be held within the framework of the 40th anniversary of the first world conference of its kind, which will be held in Mexico in 1982.

This meeting of culture ministers aims to reflect on cultural policies in the current context. This includes adapting the cultural sector to digital transformation. As well as the contribution of culture to social and economic development.

Highlight the holistic function of culture as a facilitator of resilience, well-being and prosperity. In addition to outlining the key perspectives of the cultural sector for the next decade. It will also guide the future work of UNESCO in the field of culture.


Giving Iztapalapa as an example, Clara Brugada Molina commented that it is the most populous mayor’s office in Mexico City, and the second in the country, with 43% of its residents living in poverty. This is why it is necessary to end inequality.

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He explained, among other measures, that it seeks to eliminate territorial divides, restore public space and the free exercise of rights. To this end, work is underway to restore and create cultural, sports and educational infrastructure. Units for Transformation and Organization for Inclusion and Social Harmony (Utopia) were launched at the most marginal points of the mayor’s office.