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October 9 vs. Medellín Copa Sudamericana Loss Analysis |  South American Cup

October 9 vs. Medellín Copa Sudamericana Loss Analysis | South American Cup

The Jocay de Manta stadium was the setting for one of Deportivo Independiente Medellin’s worst matches so far this year. Julio Commissana had a bad game scheme, against October 9 which came at a bad sporting moment, with several injured players, but they clung to an idea that helped them achieve their first win over a foreign team in the Copa America. Next, there are five aspects of the loose confrontation of the powerful on Ecuadorean soil.

Several changes in the starting lineup: With a mixed team, Medellín faced the match against 9 de Octubre. The approach was very defensive, they wanted to use transfers, but they constantly hit the opponent’s wall, which appealed to that strong game and in many aspects of the game they did not compete. In the end, Julio Comesaña used several changes that did not improve the team, they missed them after the third goal and in the end they ended up without Javier Mendes on the field.

Offensive rarity: Completely interrupting the attack, except for the goal of Edouard Lopez, with the genius of Andres Ricourt, DIM’s attacks were futile and without much surprise. They didn’t get together to craft and when they were trying to do so, the changes disrupted the pace of play.

Low-level players: Miguel Camargo, Edwar López, Juan Guillermo Arboleda, to name a few, are not on the same page with the rest of the team. In the case of Panamanian, he made one of lime and the other of sand with a free kick and penalty kick a few minutes after he scored the defeat. Lopez scored the goal, but it didn’t make much difference and Arboleda continued to make defensive mistakes that landed two of the three goals on October 9.

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Bad tactics: against Guaireña, against Internacional and this match with 9 de Octubre, a poor choice of salaries and a lack of a clear idea of ​​the game can go hand in hand with the first point of analysis. In the end, there were matches where Medellin did what it took to win, but couldn’t. Perhaps the only touching match was the one they played at Atanasio. Ghost parties outside the Antioquia Theater got the worst returns. Not to mention the emotional mismanagement of many players called to enforce maturity and leadership.

The unpleasant attitudes of the fans: Before the start of the supplementary stage, the DIM fans who went to accompany the team in Manta continued to “fight” with goalkeeper Jorge Pinos who came from that match in Medellin, where the Ecuadorean goalkeeper was running the match. , burned time and was the character of that match, even Brian Castrillon’s goal. Things thrown on the field of play affected the player and from then on, he took a license to waste time, throwing himself to the ground and extinguishing the momentum Medellín sometimes had in the second half. Fans allowed themselves to be relieved by the “show” presented by the team “The Thirty”.

Another fact that is not secondary, the performance of Bolivian referee Evo Mendes, was too lenient, it was difficult for him to do justice in the match and when he wanted to do justice, it was too late. His inexperience greatly affected him.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FootballRead Reporter
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8

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