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Number 9845 chooses the last place in MIR 2021 for Family Medicine

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The Ministry of Health closed the most controversial option in the field of MIR in history. Three weeks after the operation began, on Saturday 10 July, the last location was determined. The Ministry of Health confirmed that there are no more vacancies. Now, on the day of the inauguration, you will see the number of resignations. The last free place was the application number 9845. You chose Family and Community Medicine at Udmfyc Fass Grup Sagessa in Cambrils.

He chose first place in the MIR Cardiology list at San Carlos Clinical Hospital and last place is Family Medicine

From the first to the last day, 9,845 candidates were selected who had venue options. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, and cardiology were the first to run out. Among the top ten, he chose 5 cardiologists and she chose 5 hospitals in Madrid. The first to not choose cardiology was the number 4 who chose pediatrics at Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra CHN.

On the other side is family and community medicine, which reached the last day with more than 700 free places. In fact, last week Family Medicine came in at 81% of 2,338 undesignated places. Work, preventive, microbiology, clinical analysis, geriatrics, biochemistry, clinical pharmacology and nuclear medicine has also arrived with another free place.

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