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Nuevo Medio Metro and Sound Pirate are separate; The original halftime teased

It was one of the main topics on social networks for weeks Controversy between Medio Metro and Sound Piratewho captured Tik Tok with their videos on the soundtrack, since the short dancer captivated all netizens with his epic dances.

however, Jose Eduardo Rodriguez, who embodies the character Medio Metrohe decided to start his solo career, arguing that the pay was never good, because he accused that Julián Ramírez, the animator of Sonido Pirata, never paid him what he owed.

Did the Pirate run out of audio from the other Half Metro?

And the time seems to agree with the Original Halftime, because after leaving Sonido Pirata, Hire another dancer of short stature to do the same as the previous one. It even gained a lot of fame and got more support than the “original”.

However, everything points to it Once again, the famous Sondero was left without its main attractionSince Jonathan Uriel, the new Medio Metro was also going to leave the group, Sonido Pirata excluded him from the members who would perform at an event.

José Eduardo, owner of the rights to the Medio Metro character, took advantage of this. to which he sneered at the situation, stating that it was all because I eat itThey didn’t pay him what he was.

Who is Paulina Jasso, Pompeys?

But the controversy around Pirate Sound did not end, because in recent days it was learned that another member left the group. It’s about Paulina Jasso, “Pompis”, An attractive dancer who attracted netizens indicated that she would act alonewarning that they get well-informed before hiring Pirate Sound, as it can “sound bad”.

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