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Note from the Ministry of the Interior › Cuba › Granma

A call made to 107 (Maritime Emergency Number) requested assistance from an undetermined number of people involved in an illegal exit by sea, through the area of ​​Isabela de Sagua, Villa, this August 28. Clarity.

As part of its policy of action to counter irregular migration and protect human lives, the Ministry of Home Affairs immediately formed a task force to carry out search and rescue operations for these people whose exact whereabouts are not known. .

Immediately, a surface unit of border guard troops was dispatched, which carried out a search in the northern front of the municipality of Sagua la Grande, which was interrupted at night, due to bad weather, without results.

Since the early hours of today, search operations have intensified, involving five boats of Border Guard and Fishermen and a Revolutionary Air Force helicopter to try to track down those involved in the incident. Relatives have been duly informed about the search operations carried out till date.

Messages were sent to the United States Coast Guard and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force.

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