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Nice!  This is what the luxurious Thalia Palace looks like inside

Nice! This is what the luxurious Thalia Palace looks like inside

The truth is that the famous singer and mexican actress next He lives a life of luxury and this is evidenced by the photographs that have been known in light of his mansion in Miami, which no doubt everyone would like to have.

As you can see, Thalia has had a successful career in the world showHer career began at a very young age, and she always showed that she had a talent that was impossible to ignore.

However, his moment Fame It came with the Las Marías trilogy, which was released from 1992 to 1996.

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And, as you may remember, this list includes the series “Maria la del Barrio”, “Maria Mercedes” and “Marimar”.

Since then, the actress has become world famous and thanks to her talent, charisma and beauty, she managed to win the love and respect of thousands of fans around the world.

While acting, the Mexican has also focused on music and this profession is the profession she currently holds, with which she has also had great success.

Without a doubt, she is a very amazing artist and singer who has millions more people to love.

Thus, with a very successful career as a singer and actress, Thalia managed to get a great fortune.

However, this money increased when she married Tommy Mottola, the great love of her life.

For this reason, the couple owns different properties and one is more luxurious than the other, but the mansion they own in Miami is one of their favorites.

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It should be noted that the couple decided to urge him there to pass the quarantine due to the amenities offered by this wonderful place.

The singer shared on her social networks several photos of this luxurious and amazing house.

Without a doubt, one of the favorite places of celebrities to spend their spare time is the swimming pool.

In addition to having a giant garden, the garden also has a beautiful view that creates tranquility and luxury.

The decoration and ideas that can be seen in the mansion in Miami arose from a teamwork between the interpreter and Tommy Mottola.

This mansion is connected by huge corridors responsible for connecting the master bedrooms and bathrooms.

The walls are painted in light colors intended to generate more light and expand the environments accompanied by large windows.

On the other hand, the dressing room in Thalia is very extravagant and sophisticated, this place has armchairs, mirrors and various furniture to store shoes, clothes and jewelry too.

Finally, the actress also shared photos of her recording studio on her Instagram account.

Upon inspiration, the Mexican approaches said studio and composes their own successful musical themes.