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Nicaragua prohibits tourists from bringing night vision goggles and certain types of cameras into the country

(CNN Spanish) – The Nicaraguan government has stated that tourists will be denied entry into the country with audio-visual equipment such as photographic cameras, video cameras, night vision binoculars, and certain camera accessories.

The information came through a statement signed by Director of Customs Services Eddie Medrano Soto. The statement specifies a list of all items prohibited for travelers.

The procedure states that tourists may only carry a “photograph and long-sighted glass” when entering Nicaragua.

People who break the new law may be subject to fines and equipment confiscation.

The circular issued by President Ortega’s government adds that anyone who wants to travel to Nicaragua with recording devices that are not permitted must request a permit from the National Cinema to be able to process the endorsement.

In the case of binoculars, night vision binoculars are strictly prohibited because, according to the statement, they are for the “private use” of the military and police. Other types of binoculars may be brought in, although a permit by the security forces is required.

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