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Nicaragua grants citizenship to ex-president Sanchez Ceren, a fugitive from justice

Nicaragua grants citizenship to ex-president Sanchez Ceren, a fugitive from justice

Managua, Nicaragua.

Government Nicaragua Friday giveaway nationalityNicaragua for the former president of El Salvador Salvador Sanchez Serene (2014-2019) Who is Required by justice from his.

granting citizenship to Sánchez Cerén, un ally of the boss NicaraguaSandinista Daniel Ortega Published in the Official Gazette La Gaceta.

The former Salvadoran president is chosen by corruption pOr allegedly receiving irregular payments in management Mauricio Funes (2009-2014) who also obtained citizenship Nicaragua in 2019.

With Sanchez Siren His wife obtained Nicaraguan citizenship, Rosa Margherita Vilalta; His daughter, Claudia Lisette Sanchez Vilalta, and grandson Juan Carlos guarding Sanchez, Also related to corruption.

According to the argument put forward by the Ministry of the Interior Nicaragua, Each of the beneficiaries of Nicaraguan citizenship “complyed with the requirements and procedures set forth in constitution”.

granting citizenship Nicaragua It is a sovereign act of Nicaragua state, Highlighted the executive.

Last Wednesday, the Minister of Justice and Security savior, Gustavo Villatoro, stated that Sanchez Serene was a historian Heading to Nicaragua.

On the same day, the justice of the peace from El Salvador orI ordered an international search and seizure with assistance Interpol. international police, The former president and four other former officials on charges corruption.

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According to the Salvadoran Attorney General’s Office, Sanchez Serene received $530,000 In irregular salaries when he was Vice President (2009-2014) in the government Funes, Investigation of allegations of embezzlement 351 million dollars from the state budget.

Referee: Sanchez Serene and Funes savior He represents the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), a party close to the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in Nicaragua. EFE

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