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Nicaragua: 28 flights reported from Haiti in 48 hours |  Momento.net

Nicaragua: 28 flights reported from Haiti in 48 hours | Momento.net

Augusto Cesar Sandino Station, Nicaragua

Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua received 28 commercial flights carrying passengers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the past 48 hours, local newspapers reported on Saturday.

The Article 66 portal, which cites the official flight arrival schedule of Nicaragua’s state-owned Airport Administration International (EAAI), details that on Friday 12 flights from Port-au-Prince landed at the Nicaraguan air terminal, and 16 on Saturday. .

The Nicaraguan authorities did not announce whether they had opened a new air route between Port-au-Prince and Managua.

First flight

The first plane to arrive in Nicaragua on Friday from Haiti was Sunrise Airlines flight S6-236, which landed at 11:56 a.m. (17:56 GMT). The second flight was Sarpa Airlines HK-5331.

The airlines responsible for operating commercial flights from Haiti to Nicaragua are AirCentury, Atlantic, Magni, Sarpa Searca, Sky High and Sunrise. They’re doing it without that road officially existing.

In addition to flights from Port-au-Prince, the official EAAI schedule records flights from the Caribbean island of Providenciales, from the Turks and Caicos archipelago, which also does not have an open route with Managua.

For its part, the Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa noted that “there is still a large influx of Haitians and Africans who use Nicaragua as a starting point for their journey to the United States.”

Between 10 and 20 flights daily

According to this means, between 10 and 20 flights land at Managua International Airport every day, with a capacity of between 50 and 200 passengers, generally transporting citizens of Haiti, Providenciales, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and African countries.

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La Prensa newspaper explained that 15 flights were scheduled to enter Nicaragua on Saturday from Port-au-Prince, 3 from the Dominican Republic, 2 from Cuba, and 2 from the island of Providenciales.

Last Thursday, the Nicaraguan government cited a “campaign of misleading propaganda and distorted messages about economic benefits and dreams of a supposed better life, the so-called ‘American Dream’ in the United States” that encourages illegal migration to the north. American country.

The Chancellery warns of the influx of irregular migration

In the document, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry warned that this incentive for irregular migration flows threatens “the very lives of migrants and the safety of transit communities, encouraging acts of organized crime.”

In this text, entitled “Nicaragua’s Position on the Preparation of a Plan to Address Migratory Flows,” the Nicaraguan Executive noted that there are structural reasons of the economic, social and cultural system that encourage migration directly or indirectly, and urged that these reasons be addressed “comprehensively in order to better address With the phenomenon of migration.

Eight opposition organizations in Nicaragua on Saturday accused Daniel Ortega’s government of facilitating and “doing business” with illegal migration arriving in the Central American country on its journey to the United States.

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