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News Portal Universidad del Bío-Bío More than 60 projects were presented at the UBB National Science and Technology Fair


With the award of the best projects by category, the XXIV National Exhibition of Science and Technology UBB has ended, which aims to facilitate the meeting of students and educators on scientific issues, and to know, discuss and evaluate the results of developed projects.

The activity, organized by the UBB Faculty of Sciences in collaboration with Colegio Concepción San Pedro, resumed the confrontational style, within the framework of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, with 68 projects submitted, as well as presentations in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and technology, among others Others, by primary and secondary school students from educational institutions from Antofagasta districts to Los Lagos.

The first places by category went to easy-to-use natural fertilizer projects from the Porvenir School in Chiguayante; Bio-friendly: Obtaining and digesting biogas through a sustainable bioanalyzer using rabbit feces, from Kingston College in Concepcion; Sleep quality in youth from the municipality of Quilon, from the Paolo Freire Bicentennial School in Quilon, Chiloe; Avocado and olive tree seeds: a biologically active ability that would allow to delay the transformation of antioxidant-sensitive foods to brown, from Liceo San Agustín de Concepción; Natural Fertilizer, from Wanelen We School in Castro, Chiloe; Water Paradox in Chiloe, of Paolo Freire Bicentennial High School in Quilon, Chiloe.

In Technology and Physics Panel, Fertilizer Capsule Initiatives, from Paolo Freire Bicentennial High School in Quilon, Chiloe; While in the presentation category, the winning projects were the use of remote sensing techniques to determine the effects of climate change in the Lake Pinuelas Reserve, from Capilan Pascal School, in Viña del Mar; Bio Watch: A mobile app for improving students’ biological health, from Kingston College, Concepción; and Rocket Waters, of Wanelen We School, in Castro, Chiloe.

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The Dean of UBB, Benito Umaña Hermosilla, on behalf of the university community, expressed his relief to receive the professors and students at the institution who breathe life into this activity aimed at bringing science and technology closer to schools in the country. The fact that more than 100 students participated with their teachers illustrates the importance and development of the exhibition in the Biobío region and the country. I reiterate my congratulations to the College of Science and the organizing team.”

The Dean of Colegio Concepción San Pedro, Roberto Moura Mila, highlighted the commitment, perseverance and commitment of the school community to improve the implementation of its projects, as well as to promote care for the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.

The Dean of the College of Science at UBB congratulated the participants and highlighted the participation of students and faculty in the science fair, a similar experience that I can live in his school phase that led him to love and continue science throughout their training and professional practice. He also pointed out the importance of being observant, restless, restless, persistent and hoping to go to university to study science and be a professional.

For her part, Curator of the UBB National Science and Technology Fair, Ximena Torres Pincheira, emphasized that “For us, basic science is the gateway to implementing programs that solve critical challenges such as food, energy, health, technology, communication, equity in all its forms, and thus confidence in saving the vision of young people led by science educators. In search of a promising future for life on this planet.”

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Student Gabriela Mancilla Acuña from Colegio Wanelen We de Castro, Chiloé, who with her group won first place in Class 3 with the Natural Fertilizer Project, stated, “A very important achievement for me to be at the university for the first time and especially at this national exhibition. I am happy and proud. Being here, I like to meet new people and the projects that they provide, because they provide a lot of scientific information that one does not know.”