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New York launches video guide on coping with nuclear attack |  In the video

New York launches video guide on coping with nuclear attack | In the video

Although New York officials consider the probability of a nuclear attack to be “extremely low,” the New York City Council has created a citizen’s guide, which you can watch in the video accompanying this news. A possible nuclear attack event. Although there are suggestions about what to do beforehand Nuclear attack There are many of them, and the Council has compiled them into three in this brief guide that has generated interest on social networks, where it has been shared liberally.

With the help of video, any citizen can quickly learn what to do immediately after a nuclear attack, depending on their location. The first and most important step is to never give up. You must enter any building and always stay away from windows. At the beginning of the video, they remind you that if you’re on the street and your house is far away, you should go somewhere else, but staying in a car isn’t a viable option. Once inside a building, keep windows and doors closed at all times. It’s best to go to a basement, but if you don’t have a shelter, it’s recommended to stand in the center of the building. A third possible scenario included in this guide is the idea that the civilian was outside during the explosion. If this happens, the city council advises removing your clothes and storing them outside in a bag to prevent any radioactive material from leaving your body.

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