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Nueva York prohíbe el gas en nuevos edificios para combatir cambio climático

New York bans gas in new buildings to combat climate change

The New York City Council on Wednesday approved a ban on the use of natural gas in most new buildings as a measure to combat the effects of greenhouse gas and climate change.

Buildings with less than seven floors will begin to be banned by the end of 2023. And the highest in 2027 and will be exempt for hospitals, commercial kitchens or laundry.

The law still needs to be signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, which is not a barrier because Di Blasio has already congratulated the move on Twitter: “New York has made history: this is where you invest in a stable future, Protect public health and end the era of fossil fuels, “he wrote.

The new law means heating systems, kitchens or hot tubs must run on electricity derived from clean energy, although residents of homes that still use gas will not have to change until they change their residence.

Of the national consumption of natural gas, New York State is one of the largest (sixth in the nation), and the state’s electricity comes mainly from natural gas, according to nuclear and hydropower. Energy management data.

The economic information chain refers to CNBC housing Currently responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions So the barrier approved today could alter the pollution figures of the largest U.S. city to remove 2.1 million tons of carbon by 2040.

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