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New stores arrive at Plaza del Caribe in Ponce

New stores arrive at Plaza del Caribe in Ponce

Caribbean Square In Ponce, he announced the arrival of several institutions, Including three carts and a restaurant.

wagons Nougat Prestige Beauty, Angelus y KnoopAnd also the opening of the restaurant grope In December, they are part of the new thing that the mall offers to the public that visits them.

As the main mall in the region, we continue to enhance and expand our offer for the benefit of our customers in the Christmas season. evenly, We seek to bring in establishments that can benefit our visitors and even their pets, So they can have the products and services they need under one roof,” said Edwin Tavarez, general manager of Piazza del Caribe.

Nougat Prestige BeautyShe opened her second cart in front of Novus and has a variety of hair care products. Angelus prayer Specializes in cleaning and coating shoes, especially sports shoes. It is located on the second floor, opposite American Eagle Outfitters. For its part, it was recently opened buttonWhich contains all kinds of dog accessories such as collars, handlebars And curlPlus, grooming products for four-legged friends.

On the other hand, on December 1, the third Arby’s is expected to open in Puerto Rico. In addition to the popular sandwiches, wraps, sides, and smoothies, the brand has a breakfast menu that can only be enjoyed in Puerto Rico. The menu features 22 meat sandwiches, served with a variety of hot proteins, such as the famous Roast Beef Arby, or 100% turkey breast, Slow Smoked Brisket, and Tender Pulled Pork, as well as Chicken Crunchy. The breakfast line features 12 delicious recipes unique to the island, including Creole sandwiches, tostadas, and mixed dishes with a scramble. The restaurant is located in La Terraza.

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