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New lawsuit filed against Subway for finding chicken, pork and beef DNA in ‘100% tuna’ products


November 13, 2021 02:03 GMT

They answered from the food chain that this type of study is not “reliable” for identifying denatured proteins.

New request for Deceive your customers He was Foot In the United States v. Subway series in federal court in San Francisco after the discovery of laboratory tests Chicken, beef and pork proteins On products promoted as 100% tuna.

The first complaint was filed by clients Karen Dhanwa and Neelima Amin last January, who claimed that salads, sandwiches and other tuna products were “free” of the ingredient. The second, which was released in October, was rejected by a judge on the grounds that the complainants had not demonstrated that they had purchased tuna from local stores. subway.

Finally, the latest lawsuit was filed on November 8 and is based on tests conducted by a marine biologist on two dozen tuna samples taken from twenty subway facilities in Southern California. who are they, 19 She Didn’t Have “Detectable Tuna DNA Sequences”, While in all there was chicken DNA to be detected, at eleven noon there was pork and at seven there was beef.

For this reason, the lawsuit over alleged fraud and violation of California consumer protection laws alleges that evidence reveals Subway mislabeled its tuna and tuna products. ‘misleading’ consumers So they pay higher prices.

company response

Subway spokesperson eviction The new lawsuit was confirmed by the plaintiffs Three unfounded complaints And in each of them they changed the story.

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In addition, he said, DNA tests “are not a reliable way to identify denatured proteins,” such as Subway tuna, which “has been cooked before being tested.”