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New faces!  The news is at the beginning of the pre-season for Chivas with Veliko Paunović

New faces! The news is at the beginning of the pre-season for Chivas with Veliko Paunović

MX league

Verde Valle, Guadalajara reports that, in addition to the players who participated in the previous semester, there have been some novelties.

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Management Veljko Paunović started on Monday at Verde Valle With the return of Chivas footballers’ activity to conduct the corresponding medical examinations, some new faces of the players who have appeared They will look for a new opportunity in the herd And they will leave their future in the hands of the Serbian coach.

during this monday, Rojiblancos football players who have an existing contract have appeared in the facilities From the Guadalajara club to provide the corresponding medical examinations to verify that they are in perfect physical condition Develop a highly competitive sport activity.

Players love Zahid Muñoz and Alejandro Organista, footballers who have been loaned out to Atlético San Luis; In addition to the appearance of AAlejandro Mayorga, who is back after a one-year loan with Cruz Azul, So its continuation will depend directly on the evaluation made by the guidance and the coaching staff.

In addition to these three items, another player reports In Verde Valley it will be Josecarlos Van Rankenwhich terminated his loan at MLS Portland Timbers will be on trial to determine If he can stay in the barn during the upcoming Clausura tournament 2023.

What will the Chivas pre-season consist of?

After providing medical examinations for the herd players They will train at Verde Valle until the 19th and then, on the 20th, they will play a friendly match.. From the 21st to the 27th they will work in Barra de Navidad. On December 1 they will hold a second friendly, then travel to Spain for a tour with matches against Getafe and Athletic Bilbao on December 8 and 11, To return and participate in the Heaven’s Cup.

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