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New Evidence Available with International Standards for Evaluating Expert Evidence

New Evidence Available with International Standards for Evaluating Expert Evidence

Available and new evidence with international standards for the evaluation of expert evidence

• Academics from the UNAM Forensic Science degree prepared for the first time materials that will serve judges

• Ambassador Ken Salazar said Mexico and the United States are partners and need to work together on the cause of justice

Rafael Guerra Álvarez emphasized • Integration of scientific knowledge into law, which is necessary to achieve justice
• The academy must serve the community and the mentors are a sign that this mission has been accomplished, Irene Durante Montel emphasized

US Ambassador Ken Salazar witnessed the presentation of these materials and celebrated the joint efforts between the institutions, saying that Mexico and his nation are partners and should work together in justice, courts and prosecutors.

This is the first time that tools of this kind have been developed in our country, based on science and technology, adhering to international standards. The guides were prepared by academics from the FM Forensic Science Degree, as explained by the coordinator of said study plan, Zoraida García Castillo.

The first one was presented. There are eight in total, and the rest are under review and cover physical anthropology, psychology, forensics, photo and video analysis, and facial identification, among other things.

“We explain the technical requirements that must be met to collect a sample, to process it in the laboratory, and how to prepare an opinion so that the judge will know whether the expert opinion meets the minimum technical requirements necessary to be valid or can not be taken into account,” García Castillo added.

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These tools have been reviewed by official experts and have a strong scientific consensus. The academic at UNAM, added at the ceremony held recently at the Embassy of the American Federation.

In turn, the head of the Mexico City judiciary, Rafael Guerra Alvarez, explained that they participated in this collective effort because they are convinced that the administration of justice requires a transformation based on scientific knowledge, and forensic science is a required field.

The piece is of paramount importance. He added that incorporating scientific knowledge into law is an essential step to ensure justice.

He also stressed that being a judge requires a commitment to modernizing himself in many areas, including legislation, modern technologies, science, and working with himself so as not to lose a sense of the decisions they make.

UNAM Secretary-General for Foreign Ministers, Irene Durant-Montell, stressed that for this university entity, it is essential that the Academy serves the community and that mentors are proof of fulfillment of this mission. It is also the product of multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, inter-institutional, and international work.

Stephanie Siptak Ramnath, Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Mexico stressed that this cooperation will strengthen the rule of law and justice in Mexico.

He explained that the evidence is not expert protocols but rather support tools for judges, justices of the peace, prosecutors and advocates that will provide the possibility of more efficient and effective hearings, in which expert evidence is incorporated and analyzed in a robust and valid manner. “It will allow the generation of processes in which the application of justice is not constrained by a lack of technical knowledge.”

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According to the Director of the International Office for the Development of Law Enforcement Systems (OPDAT Mexico), Nicholas Durham, they will allow a better understanding of expert evidence in criminal proceedings, and promote a more efficient, effective, reliable and transparent justice system in. United States and Mexico. “They will help ensure justice for the victims.”

The presentation was attended by the Adviser to the Federal Judiciary of the Federation Judiciary, Alejandro Sergio Gonzalez Bernabé; Secretary General of the Presidency of the Federal Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Antonio Albezar Salazar; Members of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Attorney General’s Office, among others.