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Neurosurgery residents receive financial support from MSO

Neurosurgery residents receive financial support from MSO

Dr. Raúl Montalvo Orsini Chief MSO It announced that it would cover the costs of transporting four doctors population from Neurosurgery to the United States to facilitate the completion of their residency requirements.

Puerto Rico needs more professionals from Health that can serve the population, especially the elderly. Without a doubt, Neurosurgeons They are vital specialists, responsible for the study, diagnosis, care and recovery The patients With diseases of the nervous system, which affect their quality of life. We want them to know at this point in their career that Puerto Rico needs them and is looking forward to their return,” said Montalvo.

Since 2017, MSO Recruitment population In his final year in order to expand the staff of specialized doctors, such as cardiologists and neurologists, among others, in his clinics. is the leading organization in the administrative support of plans, medical groups and service providers Health On the island, he pioneered the creation of an avant-garde paradigm that developed medical practice and care Health subordinate The patients in Puerto Rico.

Through its programs and initiatives, it has excelled in raising quality standards in compliance with local and federal regulations, and developing an integrated service culture, allowing for improved service and customer satisfaction. The patients, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the responsible use of available funds.


about him MSO

As a leading entity supporting medical practice in Puerto Rico, we facilitate resources, develop comprehensive plans, and provide innovative tools to achieve exceptional clinical, management and financial outcomes. We work for professionals in Health Which integrates our network through an ecosystem of multiple resources and services that, when working together, generate responses to meet treatment and prevention needs that elevate medical practice to a level of excellence.

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