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Netflix to delete Squid Game phone number due to harassment

Netflix to delete Squid Game phone number due to harassment

Perhaps no one would have imagined that squid game It will become a global phenomenon in Netflix. This South Korean series is the most watched in recent weeks on the platform flow And they enjoy the honey of success, but the only person who has a bad time out of a lot of happiness is A woman suffers from the strange coincidence of owning the phone line that appears in the series.

During the plot, the participants in the game receive a A card with a phone number Written that they should contact them. It may seem that the plot details are of little importance, but this is the case Making life bitter for a poor woman in South Korea.

As they explain on the portal Korea Bo, the numbers appearing in the series match those of a real person, who since the series premiered last September has only received thousands of calls on his cell phone at all times, which would have already wreaked havoc on his health.

since he came out squid game I’ve been getting endless calls and texts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the extent that I’m I find it difficult to carry on with my daily lifeThe owner of the phone number said to money today.

“This is my business number from over ten years ago, so I am dumbfounded. I’ve already had to delete more than 4 thousand numbers It got to the point where when people constantly call me day and night out of curiosity, my phone battery drains and they end up stopping. At first I didn’t know why, but my friend told me my number was in the Squid Game and that’s when I realized it.”

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Usually some numbers are erased in film productions to avoid problems of this kind and that’s what the producers of the series did. The problem was that They only removed the first three digits, which are the ones that correspond to the local prefix, so when someone called the number from Korea, it was added back automatically.

They will pay millions to those affected by the Squid game

before that The level of harassment of the affected woman, who said that he cannot change his number because it is the number that all his clients have for recruitment purposes, Netflix has publicly asked to stop calls It announced that it would modify the parts where the number appears to try to solve the problem.

As compensation for the inconvenience to the company flow Offered to the victim Compensation 5 million won (about 85,000 pesos)., although it is not known if she accepted them.

What is a Squid game?

At the moment we all know it from the series, but actually this is a game for kids Scratch the cookie with a small metal tip to create a shape without breaking it. The luck lies in choosing the form to be worked on, because it is in order from easiest to hardest Triangle, Circle, Star and Umbrella.

Yes netflix series We mean, it’s a South Korean production Plot It’s about Hundreds of players lack money They accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, an irresistible prize of millions of won (the official currency of that country) awaits them, but in order to get it, they will put their lives in the middle.

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