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Netflix games are available, but not available on Netflix

Netflix games are available, but not available on Netflix

In July of this year, Netflix announced its intention to expand one of its tentacles into the video game sector by appointing its first executive to focus exclusively on the field. In the first stage, the company planned to make mobile games available to its subscribers without ads and at no additional cost.

And so, in August The first Netflix games have arrived in Poland A little over a month later, five titles arrived in Spain: Stranger Things: 1984And Stranger Things 3: The GameAnd card blastAnd swinging And Do you have any other information about this event?. Although the transition to the world of video games expands the portfolio flowGame integration was not as initially expected.

Schrödinger Games: It exists, but it isn’t

“Like our shows and movies, all of these games will be included as part of your Netflix membership, all without ads and without in-app purchases,” Netflix said when it announced its new service. However, even though we need a Netflix account to be able to play the available titles, they are downloaded from the Google Play Store as if they were Application The most offered by any developer.

The only difference is that in addition to the mandatory membership, Netflix shows us a section on Application They are called mobile games. If you click on any of the titles, a file will be created Application It redirects you to the Google Play store to download it to your phone.

In short, Netflix games are developed by them, but not integrated into their platform as such.

What about iOS?

Netflix has released its games in select regions and for Android devices only; This is also a point against them, because if you have an iPhone you won’t be able to enjoy any of them. Plus, when we see the format that Netflix uses to run its games, it’s pretty clear that these games won’t even remotely reach Apple phones or tablets.

why? Because Cupertino Apps do not usually offer downloads beyond their control and directly prevent third-party apps from offering anything that may bypass their payment system; In this case, the games can be enjoyed because you pay a fee to Netflix. So unless Netflix integrates (real) games into Application Or pay Apple a portion of the income from using their games, it won’t happen.

Will there be changes in the future?

Ideally, Netflix will allow subscribers to play their titles on flow Through your application and without having to install them. It’s still too early to tell if those from Reed Hastings will make changes in this regard or even if they plan to make the leap to other platforms such as consoles, but what is clear is that at least for now they continue to take steps forward for him to try.

Proof of this is that on September 28 (the same day it launched its five games in several European countries), Netflix announced that it had acquired video game developer Night School Studio.

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