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Netflix allows you to change the look and size of subtitles

Has it ever happened to you that you are trying to watch a series or a movie on your favorite streaming service and the subtitle text is too small? Rest assured, this is a problem that occurs in both series, movies, and video games. The solution is to offer more options when configuring subtitles, something Netflix has finally implemented on its platform.

From now on, it will be possible to adjust both the style and size of subtitles on Netflix when watching a series, movie, documentary, or any type of content available on the service. The platform offers three size options: small, medium, and large; Plus four styles or colors of captions, including the following options: white captions directly above content, white text with some black shading, and colored textBlack color with white shading and yellow text on a black background.

He explained that this feature will reach the Netflix app for TVs through a global update Techcrunch. Of course, this goes beyond just the user’s preference when watching an episode of Weird things on your TV from a distance perhaps too far. The idea is also to offer more alternatives and accessibility to people who need it, perhaps because they have some kind of vision or hearing difficulty (and therefore need translation assistance). It’s always adding more options and alternatives, and in fact, other streaming platforms like Disney+ and HBO Max have already offered the ability to change the size and style of subtitles for a long time; It’s time Netflix did the same, too, instead of worrying about it Jobs that nobody cares about.

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