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Nestor de la Torre's epic gesture to Chivas to succeed Pelaez as Guadalajara's sporting director

Nestor de la Torre’s epic gesture to Chivas to succeed Pelaez as Guadalajara’s sporting director

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Remembered on two occasions, Néstor de la Torre, Chivas de Guadalajara’s manager on two occasions, issued an epic wink on Thursday when he acknowledged his interest in a potential third return to the fold to succeed Ricardo Peláez at Clausura 2023.

© JAM MediaDe la Torre brought Osvaldo Alanis and Rodolfo Cotta to Chivas in 2015

Remembered director Chivas de Guadalajara on two occasions, Néstor de la Torre, was one of the first names to be proposed for the position of Sports Director After confirming on Tuesday Ricardo Pelaez’s departure from the fold and this Thursday, in an exclusive interview, he released An epic wink upon acknowledging his interest in a potential fresh comeback for the Liga MX Closing Tournament 2023.

De la Torre, who merges The current list of seven candidates for the sports management of the Holy Herd Since he has held it twice, he stated in a conversation with ESPN that this managerial position at Verde Valle has always been “hot fries“I acknowledge that”It is not now. Guadalajara has always been this way. It will always be a mathematical challenge. But I think since I last entered, it couldn’t be worse.“.

The former Chivas boss noted, in an exclusive interview with ESPN, that upon his return in October 2014, “The team had relegation issues, and it was in more adverse conditions, but Guadalajara always had a demand, both in terms of responsibility, as well as media pressure and fan pressure.“.

Nestor de la Torre revealed that “I haven’t talked to anyone‘, although when asked about his interest in a possible third course in Guadalajara, he admitted.There will be something to talk about. Before you can say that, well, first speak“. The former leader is part of a large group of candidates for the position in which Álvaro Davila is currently emerging.

The manager has revealed on two occasions (2005-2009 and 2014-2015) that following the departure of Ricardo Pelaez from Verde Valley, “I have no connection and to be able to comment on something, well, it will be necessary to know the ideas so that I can evaluate themHe added that “Say that there is a benefit, because it depends on what was discussed, what was not discussed, or what the project was“.

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