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Nearly 10,000 people, knowing the UJA at the European Researchers Night

Nearly 10,000 people, knowing the UJA at the European Researchers Night


JAEN. – Nearly 10,000 people were interested in the sciences developed by the University of Jaén by attending and participating in the 90 activities organized to celebrate last Friday, September 30, the twelfth edition of the European Night of Scholars in Jaén (European Researchers Night 2022) the most important scientific publishing event At the Andalusian and national level. An event involving nearly 300 UJA researchers, in six venues created this year: Plaza de El Corte Inglés, the Old Jaén School of Teaching, the Iberian Museum, the Jaén Museum, Jaén Cathedral and, for the first time, the city of Linares.

Dean of Ji’an University, Juan Gomez Ortega, was responsible for the opening of the Science Fair located in the Plaza de El Corte Inglés, through which the program of scientific publishing activities scheduled by the Foundation of the University of Jaén was launched. The opening ceremony was attended by: First Vice Mayor of Jian City, Maria Orozco; University Council Member Stephanie Plaza; Regional Delegate for the University of Majlis Al-Andalus, Francisco Jose Solano Rodriguez; Commercial Director of Caja Rural de Jaén, John Gallego; Head of Communications and Corporate Relations at El Corte Inglés de Jaén, Miguel Sainz Romeroand director of EPS at Jian, Francis Xavier Gallego, as well as various members of the UJA management team. In Linares, where the activity was held in El Pósito and the square in front of it, the inauguration was made by the Vice-Chancellor of Knowledge Transfer, Employment and Entrepreneurship at UJA, Pedro Perez HiguerasIt was attended by the mayor of Linares, Francis Xavier Perales Director of the Polytechnic School of Linares, Manuel Valverde.

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The President of Jaén University expressed his satisfaction at “returning to normal life” after the past two years that have been marked by the pandemic and stressed the main objective of the event, “bringing science closer to society”. said Juan Gómez, who thanked the various public and private cooperating entities for their support. He also explained that in this edition, the European Researchers’ Night is dedicated to the Horizon Europe missions “which constitute a new way of implementing research, development and innovation through interdisciplinary actions with a social and economic impact on areas of interest to the citizens of the UAE. The European Union, also contributing to the achievement of The goals of the European Green Deal, the European Plan for Cancer Control and the Sustainable Development Goals”.

activity program

The program of activities began at 5 pm in the Plaza de El Corte Inglés in Jaén, where the science fair was held, which included a total of 23 workshops. On the other hand, the Ancient Jian School of Teaching hosted a total of 10 mini-meetings over two periods. In addition, a series of educational talks and three workshops were held. On the other hand, the activities called “Science in the Museum”, were developed, both in the Iberian Museum and in the Jaén Museum. All of these activities in Jaén were completed by three guided visits: one to the cathedral of Jaén entitled “Research in the Conservation Service of the Cathedral: Knowing Endurance”; “Active Exodus”, with a tour of the capital of Jaén, and a visit to the two main museums, the cathedral and the Arab baths; “The sound walks through Napoleon Jaén,” a sense engulfs the city of Jaén at the beginning of the last century. nineteenth. Regarding the city of Linares, it hosted for the first time activities in the framework of the European Night for Scholars. Specifically, the plaza in front of El Pósito was the venue for a science fair with a total of two mini-meetings and ten workshops. All of these programs were completed with an “online” science fair, which included six workshops in downloadable materials, ten video experiential workshops and seven mini-meetings with researchers.

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The European Scholars’ Night 2022 at the Old Teacher Training College of Ji’an concluded with the closing ceremony. In addition to the scientific presentation “Playing with Fire” by Circumstance, During the ceremony, the XII ‘Universidad de Jaén’ Prize for Scientific Publishing was presented, which in this edition went to the Explora IES project, coordinated by the researcher in the UJA Educational Sciences District. Anna Maria April Gallegoas well as in the ideal journalist Jose A Martinez Libanain the modalities of ‘science dissemination’ and ‘science communication’, respectively.

The European Scholars’ Night at UJA is organized by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) of the Vice President’s Office of Communications and Institutional Projection, coordinated by the Discover Foundation at the Andalusian level. In Jaén Province, it has cooperated with Jaén City Council, Linares City Council, Jaén Provincial Council, Ministry of Culture and Historic Heritage, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Jaén Cathedral, Caja Rural de Jian, El Corte Ingles, GCPMedia and 3 empressures.

At the Andalusian level, more than 2,500 researchers from 13 scientific institutions in the eight Andalusian provinces, coordinated by the Discover Foundation and with the motto “Women and Men Specializing in Science for You”, presented more than 700 activities, including workshops, mini-meetings and guided tours exhibitions and shows. This initiative, a media event promoted by the European Commission within the Marie Skódowska-Curie procedures of the Horizon 2020 programme, has been incorporated as the most important concurrent event in the Andalusian scientific field and one of the largest in Spain.

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