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Natty Natasha turns the net in the Pekinazzo

Natty Natasha turns the net in the Pekinazzo

Dominican reggaeton Natasha Natasha Transformed on social networks with sexy bikini On a night out with friends.

Although she had a good time with her friends, pekinazoo It’s part of their dance promotion “Locket”recent success with the Argentine singer Mary Becerra.

sensehe is The video was posted on TikTok and then on Instagram, inviting fans to do this challenge and other steps to a beat Song.

Next to the fire emoji, he wrote: “When the girls get together.” “I want to see all the kids and the revitalized tigers trending,” she added. The translator mentioned “criminal” Marie Becerra: “Are we breaking up or what?”

They think of Ravi Pina

The artist shared the video challenge this Friday, but it corresponds to a live broadcast that she did on Wednesday, in which she spoke with some of her followers and said her farewell, and thanked the fans for their support in difficult times.

“Ai Bina”, “She is lighter than when she was with Ravi”, “She is in the mood: take advantage of the fact that your husband is in prison hahaha”, “Nati is a goddess”, “Beautiful Nati” were just some of the more than two thousand Comment created by his video that was originally uploaded to TikTok and posted on his Instagram account.

live data

In her live video on Wednesday, she talks about maintaining positivity while her partner and father of her daughter, businessman and producer Ravi Pena, is in prison.

Likewise, comment on enjoying the little moments and an example of this is the dancing video which sparked conflicting opinions.

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She said, “I can talk to him (Ravi Pena) every day, instead of looking at the negatives, you have to look at the positive. I have a lion and he knows he has a lioness in the street,” she said. She works hard for the family.

In addition to their daughter, Vida Isabel, Pina has three other teenage children from previous relationships.

“I will always face it, for the sake of the whole family. Life is not over”, claimed.

“Of course, yes, there is sadness, but your support has lifted me up,” he added. She also said that when her partner sees her on TV, like her recent Latin Billboards engagement, he tells her so. “Ravi says to me – my baby I saw you, I loved him… You motivate me.”

Natasha Natasha He said he continues to work and fight. “I have a partner to fight for and show him that we have the best of the best,” he declared.

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