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Natalia Jiménez emprende batalla legal contra su exesposo

Natalia Jimenez starts a legal battle against her ex-husband

A year after her divorce from the producer Daniel TripaSpanish singer Natalia Jimenez She stated that she initiated legal proceedings with her ex-husband to be able to travel with her daughter Alessandra6 years old, to Mexico.

Jimenez explained through a video clip that after their separation, Alessandra She has not left Miami as a result of her father’s disapproval, which forces them to remain apart for long periods of time due to the artist’s concert tours of the Aztec country.

“I’m in the process of, you know, wanting to allow my ex-husband to travel with me to Mexico for some time and he’s denied me this whole time, so he left me with no other choice but to file a civil suit for that to happen,” he said.

ex-singer of Fifth stop I asked her nearly two million followers to be in the know and pray for her and the audience that will happen in the coming days, and that, finally, will get her to share time with her offspring and put aside the stressful dynamics of living between Miami and Mexico. .

“I ask you with great affection to keep me in your prayers, and to ask so much for this to happen, because, to me, there is nothing more important at this moment than being able to travel with my daughter, since the fact that he cannot come with me means that there are many days in my life.” The year I can’t spend with her and he’s keeping it.”

“Please, I want you to ask a lot for the hearing we’ll have now in December, soon, because it’s very important to me. I’m very excited, and obviously also very much anticipating what’s going to happen. I want you to know that I’m doing everything in my power to make my daughter In Mexico, when we go on vacation, when I go to work and the truth is, I’m so excited to share this with you, that I’m fighting for it,” she continued.

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Natalia married Tripa during an intimate ceremony in December 2015, who was her manager at the time.And the In January 2021, they announced their divorce after several days of speculation.