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Natalia Alcocer.

Natalia Alcocer gave the coup at La Casa de los Famosos: She pulled the purple room into the total nomination

during the week Natalia Alkoser It did a great job: removing the points of one of its owners. Vikings were killers And he nullified Daniela’s points, allowing her to enlarge almost the entire purple room, they signed her: Daniela Navarro, Salvador Zerboni, Rafa and Julia. For the rest of the points, she and Juan slipped down the nominees. From the Purple Room, the only person who did not fall into the nomination was Laura Pozzo. The plan for “Team de Niurka” seems to be to leave her alone, and confine her little by little.

Today is the day of salvation, and Luis has decided to save Natalia Alcoser, so she stays an extra week in the celebrity’s house and it seems that the purple room is getting weaker and weaker. On the show hosted by Hector Sandarter there is only one sofa, everyone left out sit on it, and so far all the heads rolled out of the purple room.

House dwellers who identify as Team Laura are being exterminated by Niurka Marcos, and many say they still don’t understand why the public prefers them more and more. Natalia returned three times from the zoom. Nacho, Osvaldo Rios, and Luis are saved, thus enabling the Blue Room.

However, a small rift appears to have opened in this successful room, because Yvonne Monteiro and Tony Costa want to be free to choose and filter without falling under Niurka’s influence, and they even seem willing to die trying. to be independent. But beware, this is something that Nacho Cassano has already sniffed and warned his teammates. Today Luis Mendoza, Juan Vidal and the Argentine are a block and it seems that this is how they want to reach the final with Nyorca.

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