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NASA has announced the launch date of Artemis 2 and plans for a third flight: when it will return to the Moon

NASA has announced the launch date of Artemis 2, which will take a human around the moon

More than half a century later, he appeared a pot Confirm that he already has an appointment for his mission that he plans to take human being around moon.

After the success of the first mission Artemis 1which concluded on December 11 after a little more than that 25 days in spaceNow the space agency is preparing for this event, very similar to the one in which it occurred 1972.

Artemis 2 scheduled at the end November 2024The official associated with NASA confirmed, Jim Fryeat a press conference on Tuesday. Although the details of this campaign are still not known, it is believed that during this year the agency will announce about crew of four They’ll go on the ship It will orbit for ten days around the satellite.

“We’re looking for the Artemis 2 crew,” Free added, though that’s already been reported One of them will be Canadian. “For now there is nothing to stop us after what we learned with Artemis 1”confirmed.

After the success of Artemis I, NASA is moving forward with plans for two more missions (REUTERS)

This first mission – which recently returned to Earth – took nearly a month as it successfully tested that the Orion capsule could fly without passengers and was powered by the new – the world’s most powerful – SLS rocket. It was put into orbit around the Moon – exactly 12.8 kilometers from it, according to Howard Hu, Orion program manager – without problems.

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“We have traveled further than any spacecraft in the past, reaching as far as 434,000 km from our planet. This was a great achievement, an amazing journey that exceeded expectations.”

Based on this positive experience, NASA plans to launch the second mission in a year and a half. thirdsome twelve months after the end of the second – almost 2025-. On this third trip Yes, astronauts are expected to land on the moon’s south pole.

On the third flight, the crew members are expected to land on the moon (NASA)

Our plan has always been 12 months but there it is important developments It has to be done,” Free warned about these dates being subject to changes as events unfold.

For example, according to the administrator, “We need a file Lunar lander’, as well as ‘our suitSpace, without which it would not be possible to carry out the exploration of the lunar surface.

Regarding the first, copy of space ship Introduction of SpaceXBillionaire Corporation Elon Musk; However, it has not yet made its first orbital flight.

With this series of missions, NASA seeks to establish a permanent presence on the moon with a base and space station (Reuters)

The second is the company Axiom Space Still in a phase developmenttherefore – at the moment – no more information is known about this basic clothing for astronauts.

NASA’s goal with these projects is to establish a permanent presence on the Moon, and for this purpose, they plan to build a base and space station orbiting the satellite.

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Thanks to lunar persistence, it would be possible Test new technologies needed for longer flightssuch as the round trip of the crew to Mars.

(with information from AFP and EFE)

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