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Nadal says no to Instagram: he has banned the use of his photos to feed Meta’s artificial intelligence

Nadal says no to Instagram: he has banned the use of his photos to feed Meta’s artificial intelligence

Nadal refuses to use photos and videos to train Meta AI. (Instagram: Rafael Nadal/Meta)

After Meta announced that it would use data published by users to develop its new artificial intelligence, Concern about people’s privacy has increased. In the midst of this controversy, athletes love Rafael NadalArtists and content creators have expressed their refusal to allow their images to be used to feed the platform’s artificial intelligence.

The measure announced by the company responsible for social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, which will come into effect on June 24, implies that the content shared on its platforms, such as posts and photos with descriptions, will be used to train its models. Amnesty International.

Although users can refuse to use their content, the European Center for Digital Rights (Noyb) reported this Meta intentionally makes the way to opt out of the use of your information for the Project more complex.

Noyb claimed that the company obstructs the opt-out process using “dark modes” to ensure as few users as possible are prevented from having their information used.

Rafael Nadala Spanish professional tennis player.

Albert DalmauSpanish football player.

Anis DelvaFrench singer and actress. She is known for providing the voice of the Disney character Elsa from the animated film Frozen in the French version.

Stephen GallowayAmerican dancer best known for his role as principal dancer with the Frankfurt Ballet. Additionally, he is a costume designer and has created costumes for the American Ballet Theater and the Paris Opera.

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Marina Boris, Spanish content creator and writer. He has 223k followers on Instagram.

It was Nadal who popularized the Instagram Stories template. (Instagram: Rafael Nadal)

Your Instagram role templates are Stories that all users can replicate. User _mini_buggy_arson_ created the story with the following text:

I own the copyright to all photos and posts published on my Instagram profile Therefore I do not allow Meta or other companies to use it to train generative Al platforms. This includes all future and past posts/stories/topics on my profile. @Instagram get rid of the AI ​​program.” This story has been repeated more than 227,000 times.

Many artists and athletes have refused to perform Metta. (Instagram)

Training AI involves providing large amounts of data to an AI model, allowing it to learn patterns and rules from that information.

Meta will use public data of Instagram and Facebook usersincluding images, videos, and interactions, to feed your AI model.

The company indicated that it can manage data from individuals who do not have a profile on its platforms, but who appear in other users’ posts.

For example, if a parent uploads a photo of their minor daughter on her first day of school. Meta can use the girl’s face to train his AI.

Options to opt out of Meta Training are available in Europe and certain regions of the United States. Reuters/Dado Rovik/illustration/archive photo

Meta reported that Facebook and Instagram offer the option to decline the use of personal data To train your artificial intelligence.

On Facebook, users must follow several steps from their computer: access their profile, go to “Settings & Privacy,” select “Settings,” then “Privacy Policy,” and finally “Right to Object.” Finally, they must fill out a form indicating that they do not want their data to be used to train Meta’s AI.

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On Instagram, users need to log into their profile in the app, select the three-bar menu in the top right corner of the screen, scroll to About and choose Privacy Policy. The process continues by selecting “Object to treat” and then “Oppose”. Users must complete a form detailing their objection to the use of their data.

Meta confirmed that it will only use public data to train its AI (picture information).

This option is only available to users in Europe and some parts of the United States, although the identification standard will apply worldwide.