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My room for celebrities eager to meet Lapadula: 'He's married'

My room for celebrities eager to meet Lapadula: ‘He’s married’

I didn’t save anything! On the recent Magaly TV show “La Firme”, My area of ​​Medina He recalled the sensation that Gianluca Lapadula caused throughout the country at his great moment in Peruvian teamA few days ago, he scored his first goal with Blanqueroga against Ecuador in the 2021 Copa America.

The TV presenter took advantage of the situation to send a message to everyone Those numbers are from business Who intends to meet the Italian-Peruvian, who doubts to face Venezuela on Sunday.

“Lapadulla fever. Many Shiites say: ‘What a churro, Lapadulla.’ Don’t be under any illusions, the man is married with 3 kids, so please don’t be under any illusions. They also say: “Oh, how handsome he is. Is he really handsome?” added.

Later, the famous ‘Urraca’ was straightforward in saying that everyone is now talking well about ‘Lapagol’, but another story would be when he starts to miss goals or lower his form in the national team. according to My area of ​​MedinaThey won’t see it as “pretty” there anymore.

The boy scored a goal (against Ecuador), but if he didn’t score in the next game, they would say: “How ugly is Lapadula”, “Let Lapadula go” because we change, especially in football”, is over.

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