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My daughter: Bugra Gülsoy, how did Kizim's Demir help him be a great dad in real life?  |  Turkish series |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

My daughter: Bugra Gülsoy, how did Kizim’s Demir help him be a great dad in real life? | Turkish series | nnda nnlt | Fame

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Turkish series(“Kizim” in its original language) was a successful production that triumphed internationally, reaching Europe and Latin America. Countries such as Spain, Chile, Argentina and Peru warmly welcomed the story of Oiko (Pirén Gokeldes), Candan (Leila Lydia Togotlu) and Demir (Bogra Gulsoy).

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She is one of the characters ottoman fantasy which has become known all over the world since its first broadcast of September 19, 2018. With his only season, from 34 episodesHe managed to win the hearts of the audience.

For many viewers, this was a revolution in ideas about . This also happened to the heroes of the story that ended May 31, 2019.

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Pojra Gulsoy Duo Veda A The crook who is suddenly in the care of his daughter a storywhich he did not know. But it became his compendium, first, of prisonThen loneliness.

How has Pojra Gulsoy’s life changed with “My Daughter”?

Bogra Gulsoy said that, with her role as in the Turkish series.‘, changed his view of fatherhood because he became a father while portraying fantasy.

“I must say that this series gave me a chance to ‘train’ fatherhood. It was a great opportunity for me to be a father in real life while filming a series directed in this sense. It made it easier for me to understand the feelings of Demir’s character”, manifested for .

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Gülsoy gave birth to her little daughter Jimwith his second wife lotus. His son is now two years old and this means a drastic change in the life of the Turkish actor. At first it brought a great sense of responsibility. And it was a whole new experience to feel the immense eternal love of protecting someone you had just met for the first time. Jim taught me to be not just “me” but “we”, pointed out.

What disease does Oyki have from “My Daughter”?

In the Turkish series “My Daughter”, the protagonist Oyko suffers Genetic Disease Very rare and dangerous known as Niemann-Pick disease. Therefore, Demir and Kandan are looking for a way to treat the little girl, so that she can have a better life.

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